A Blast from Australia

My chess buddy, “optimal play,” has been on a roll, these last two days. Here’s a sample of what he’s had to say, live from Australia. On my “playground player chessforum” at Chessgames.com.

optimal play: <playground player> Fools and noozies might believe it was on the level, but leftid fanatics know it was election theft and are thrilled to have gotten away with it.They don’t care about democracy otherwise they wouldn’t be leftids.

The mainstream media and big tech conspired with the Dems to steal this election and when the courts refused to even hear the evidence, that’s when it became clear the deep state was involved.

It will be something that historians will look back on and debate, like the Bolshevik Revolution or Munich Putsch.

They will discuss how the American people could have allowed the theft of a presidential election to occur and not take drastic action to defend their democracy.

The new Biden-Harris America is epitomised by Mija the cisgender millennial CIA operative and Emma the woke young woman army corporal.

But that’s just the beginning.

After sleepy ol’ Joe is shunted aside and Kamala is ushered into the Oval Office, then we’ll really start to see what the new America is all about.

4 comments on “A Blast from Australia

  1. This thought is something to shudder about, and to think, if I were younger, it would be time to look around the world and see if there somewhere else I can run to.

  2. I’ve said before but I’ll say it again, the 2020 election is not going away and the final chapter on that has yet to be written.

    As for Kamala, the word is there are different factions within that camp and not all are enthused about Kamala taking over. If ole Joe suddenly kicks the bucket it could cause quite a rift.

    1. Don’t forget–she was just about radioactive in the Democrat primaries. Actually, she never made it to the primaries. So if she took over, we’d have a president that no one wanted.

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