Leaked: Facebook Censoring ‘Vaccine Hesitation’

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You know why I show happy puppy pictures with posts like this one.

Two Facebook “insiders” have leaked to Project Veritas documents stating the tech giant’s intention to track and censor “vaccine hesitancy” (https://granthshala.com/facebook-whistleblowers-leak-documents-revealing-effort-to-censor-vaccine-hesitancy-report/). Because they don’t think you should be allowed to read any discouraging words about any COVID-19 vaccine.

What? We have a right to hear only one side of the discussion? Well, that’s Big Tech’s usual M.O., isn’t it? No debate–“The science is settled!” Like it always is. And settled their way, no one else’s.

These vaccines were rushed into production, they have not yet been officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration–well, you know what you get when you mix science and politics. You just get politics.

Facebook and the rest of these Big Tech overlords need to be taught they don’t have any right or authority to control public opinion. If Congress is afraid to rein them in, it’ll have to be done by the states. Florida is already leading the way: Floridians can now sue the tech biggies for up to $100,000 in damages if they’ve been banned or censored.

In America all public policy has always been subject to debate. Leftids always–yes, always–try to shut down the debate. And I don’t know what kind of government you’d call it, but I’d be ashamed to call it America.

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  1. So, I have a question; why do people continue to use these Social Media sites? It makes no more sense to continue using these site than it would to return to a rigged poker game, intending to win back your money.

    There’s an old negotiating trick, which involves making three similar, but somewhat confusing offers. The offers are essentially identical, but deliberately designed to be similar enough to one another that the average person would have to think deeply about which offer is most favorable. The reason for this is that the person comparing the offers is so consumed by trying to make the best choice that it doesn’t occur to them that they can reject all three offers. That’s the entire point; preventing an outright rejection by muddying the waters.

    Mankind survived for millennia before Social Media and we can do it again.

    1. My comments weren’t directed at you, but more at society, as a whole. A lot of people know that Social Media is collecting a lot of information about people, but they still empower them, by their patronage. As I understand it, there are some new platforms coming along, and perhaps they will have greater respect for privacy than many of the current Social Media giants, but only time will tell.

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