Why Must I Be a Cisgender Millenial in Love?

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Don’t laugh. Back in the 1960s they used to have off-Broadway plays with titles like that. We used to hear about them.

So here it is, Memorial Day weekend, and it’s raining steadily all day, and tomorrow, and it’s too cold to go outside without your winter coat… hot dog! Blobal Gorming! Climbit Change! Cthulhy fhtagn! Quick, give the government more power! And more of our money! If we give them enough, they’ll save us. Please pay no attention to those record low temperatures. (Dammit, Zuckerberg said he was gonna censor those!)

How do you round up enough random thoughts for a random thoughts column? It looks so easy when Thomas Sowell does it!

The other night somebody unfurled a huuuuge banner from the stands at Yankee Stadium, which read: TRUMP WON, Save America. Right on, kimosabe. Even in New York they know that election wasn’t kosher. Almost makes me want to be a Yankee fan again.

It would be easier to jot down and publish random thoughts if you didn’t have censors and ban artists breathing down your neck. You’ll have to read my mind for some of these.

Ah, well. Don’t forget our porch party, which I’ve moved ahead to tomorrow to give us time to imagine more stories and games and snacks. Don’t worry about the weather; the imaginary weather will be just fine.

And here’s a cute little axolotl to speed you on your way.

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5 comments on “Why Must I Be a Cisgender Millenial in Love?

  1. I think they arrested the guys who hung the “Trump Won” sign over the stands — probably charging them with being “insurrectionists” or something.

    1. Gee, they always used to let you hang your own “Let’s Go Mets” banners. But that was a long time ago. At the Polo Grounds, no less.

  2. 81 year old Dion DiMucci was asked to sing a rendition of this song but he declined. He only sings song for the Lord Jesus now – PTL, My daughter is a die-hard Yankee fan, but besides that she’s the cat’s meow.

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