Book Review: ‘The Tyranny of Big Tech’ by Sen. Josh Hawley The Tyranny of Big Tech (9781684512393): Hawley, Josh: Books

Senator Hawley wants Congress to rein in the oligarchs and world government wannabes who own and operate Big Tech–before they can stomp our constitutional republic out of existence.

The tech giants tried to suppress this book, but Regnery has published it and it’s doing very well. In fact, he’s already made a success of it just by delivering his message. These are things that rich and powerful bad guys don’t want us to know.

Hawley analyzes and explains the various dirty tricks Big Tech pulls on the American people. The light bulb clicks on: “Oh! So that’s what they do with all that information they have on me!”

As yet the people can’t stop these abuses. We are waiting eagerly to support powerful competition that’ll draw millions of customers away from the existing tech monsters by not spying on us, not selling our private information–and by not censoring us!

Because in addition to getting richer than anyone has ever been before, the Big Tech honchos are fully committed to reshaping the world according to their own mad utopian vision of it.

May the Lord confound them as He confounded the builders of Babel.


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  1. Amen to your last remark. I am praying for that. Here in Idaho, we took one little step forward when our governor left the Lt. Gov. in charge while he went on a trip. She immediately rescinded the mask order, and the mask signs came down… yahoo.

    1. Unfortunately, I just read that your Governor, as soon as he returned, has rescinded your Lt Gov’s executive order. So the mask mandates are no longer banned. It’s more and more obvious that the mask mandates have nothing to do with health and everything to do with political power.

  2. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous. Remember the parable of the rich man and his building extra barns? Mike Lindell has begun a business model to compete with Amazon. President Trump is building a digital platform to compete with Twitter. GoGoDuck web browser does not collect and share our personal information and gives valid link ratings – there product is as good as Google’s. Hat’s off to Josh Hawley, one of the few Republicans who stood up against President Trump having the election stolen from him.

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