Princeton: ‘Meritocracy Is Baaaaad!’

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When was the last time something that was not retarded came out of Princeton University? P.U., P.U.!

Now, in “Progressing (LOL) America,” Princeton floats the idea that “meritocracy”–the notion that we earn what we get and get what we earn–is not only “demonstrably false,” but also… “bad” (

Yeah, yeah [Yawns cavernously]: “You din’ build dat,” etc. No such thing as deserving to succeed, it’s all just luck. Allow me to take a moment to reply.

Okay, sunshine, let’s say meritocracy really is bad and needs to be replaced. With what? A demeritocracy–give the job to whoever’s the worst at it? Make sure stupidity and incompetence always rise to the top (instead of just often enough to create a lot of problems for the rest of us)?

What’s that you say? Let the Really Smart People–like you!–decide who gets what, who wins and who loses? Let the Government do it, in consultation with collidge perfessers?

No, we’re not reading your mind. That would be no treat! We’re just going by what you always say and what you’ve always said.

Sheesh. You think blind chance sufficed to “evolve” pond scum into Beethoven, but you don’t want it to decide who gets to compose the symphony. You want the government to decide that.

They just never stop working on it, do they?

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  1. Good one, Lee. When I was a kid I looked up to those Ivy League Schools but not anymore. The Bible clearly teaches we reap with we sow. Princeton has been sowing into the whirlwind for a long time. I saw a meme recently that read: Joe Biden is not stupid. He has dementia. It is the people who voted for him who are stupid.”

  2. Princeton was once a good univer… no, let me correct that: Princeton was once a university. They’ve now also changed the Classics major to eliminate the requirement to learn (hang onto you hat) Latin or Greek. That’s right, a major in Latin and Greek studies that doesn’t require Latin and Greek. Next will probably be a French major that doesn’t require knowledge of French. Or a math major that doesn’t require any math courses.
    More information here:

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