What’ll I Write for Newswithviews?

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While Big Tech plays with the search engines to make conservative blog posts hard to find, we can do nothing but hang on and put our trust in God. So we keep on working.

I try to write my weekly Newswithviews piece on Tuesday. I’ve got an idea that won’t go away. I’d like to know what my blog readers think of it.

Three abominations have been imposed on America in my lifetime: abortion; normalization of homosexuality; and “transgender.” All three were once considered sins (if a man running around asserting he was a woman was worth considering at all). All three are now in that “How dare you!” category: no criticism allowed.

We also have Criticial Race Theory, which they’re trying to load onto us, but that’s suddenly run into unexpected opposition. Really, you’ve got to sneak these things into the culture, not bring them on with a brass band. You want people to wake up wondering whether someone moved them to another country while they slept.

Big Tech, the Democrat Party, and our Free & Independent Nooze Media are doing their damnedest (and I do mean “damned”) to “fundamentally transform” America into a gigantic mental hospital run by inmates.

Pushback has only just started. They had to steal our presidential election to get our attention.

Pray it hasn’t started too late.

9 comments on “What’ll I Write for Newswithviews?

  1. An example you could use is the character of Maxwell Klinger on the “M.A.S.H.” TV show who dressed up and acted like a woman to get expelled from military service. It was funny back then, but now the fraudulent president Biden has ordered accepting these mentally disturbed transgenders into the military, even paying for their transition drugs and surgery – not funny anymore.

    1. You’re right–Klinger was funny, and the old thing was played for laughs.
      What we have to deal with now is not a joke.

  2. The left’s ideology has all the trappings of a religion. A dash of secularism, a dash of humanism, a dash of paganism, and walla. What we see today is very much a religious war, only our side doesn’t seem to understand that. But I think people are finally starting to wake up and fight back.

  3. The power of the trans machine is pretty alarming. There was pushback against the ideology from the start, and it was from within the trans and LGB community. There were people with genuine gender dysphoria trying to warn against people using trans ideology with ulterior motives. Now we have mediocre male athletes posing as women and breaking records while keeping real women from being able to quality to compete in the first place. We had gay and lesbian people warning that trans ideology basically negated their sexuality. Now we have lesbians being told they have to date and have sex with transwomen, including those who are “intact”, or be cancelled as haters. We had feminists warning that trans ideology would negate the female gender completely, and they were blasted as “TERFs”. Now we basically have men who are “better” at being “real” women, then actual women. (Interesting that it’s never the other way around…)

    The pushback is growing, though, as more and more parents are discovering that their children are being targeted, indoctrinated and groomed in schools and online. Also, the lawsuits are starting to roll in, as people who had been pushed into the world of trans, instead of getting the help they needed, are now suing for the permanent damage done to their bodies.

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