Another Ballot Audit On the Way?

Cyber Ninjas Conducting Arizona Election Audit Are Sleep-Deprived,  Unqualified

The Pennsylvania legislature has sent a delegation to Arizona to discuss election integrity and to learn how to replicate Arizona’s ballot audit (

What does this mean? Will Pennsylvania hold an audit, too? Sources say the Arizona audit, involving more than 2 million ballots in Maricopa County, is more than halfway finished by now.

We’ve got questions. If audits show that “the Biden vote” in several key states was a fraud, what happens then? Do we do the election over? Or do we just sit there and let a bunch of crooks rape our country for the next three and a half years?

And if the audits show the vote was legit–can we believe that, after all the contortions by the Democrats to stop the audits? To say nothing of federal judges’, and the Supreme Court’s, refusals even to look at any claims of fraud. Can we believe the audits weren’t just a whitewash, after all? See no evil, hear no evil…

And one way or another, there’ll be more riots, won’t there? And what will The Regime do about those? Just let them go on and on? Like, until our cities turn into burned-out ruins?

We have serious problems to solve, and Democrats don’t want them solved–ever.

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  1. It remains to be seen. Of course, we would like to see justice, but I have little expectation of that. As we read how God’s chosen people messed things up through the centuries, and what the consequences were that followed; do we really think we are doing better than they did? Hardly.

  2. Sidney Powell says when enough States overturn their election results then Trump will be inaugurated and Biden will have to leave the White House. Trump then would serve out what is left of Biden’s four year term. Mike Lindell says Trump will be in the White House by this August – says he has the indisputable goods.

  3. I keep my ear to the prophetic world as well as secular sources who are in the know, and they both believe Trump is coming back, sooner than 2024. Kim Clement actually prophesied in 2007 and 2014 that Trump would become president and he would get two terms. And get this, he prophesied a time when there would be two presidents at the same time.

    I do believe God is going do something. And I think He has to because this is really bigger than an election, it’s about stopping an anti-Christ agenda from taking over the world. How He does that I have no idea. I know He works through people to accomplish His will. So if the CIA, FBI, and all the other three letter agencies are corrupt how does He do it? I tend to think the military would have to get involved at some point like has happened in Myanmar. Interesting times are ahead.

    1. We can’t predict what God will do, or how He will do it.
      I am sure that this whole transgender thing is Satanic in origin, and that the entire objective is to erase life on earth. C.S. Lewis had it right.
      All the rest of it is ordinary corruption that’s been going on since Adam & Eve got kicked out of the Garden. But TG is an entirely new dimension in the pursuit of extinction.

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