‘Where’s My Cat?’

You can’t find your cat. “Oh, please tell me she didn’t sneak out when I opened the door to get the mail!” But you’ve looked high and low for her, all over the house, in every nook and cranny…

And suddenly she’s just sitting there in the middle of the living room, quietly sniggering at you. And you’ll never know where she’s been.

3 comments on “‘Where’s My Cat?’

  1. My previous cat, CoCo, was an expert at disappearing, but Iggy has managed a few disappearances as well. I think they have a way of escaping into the fifth dimension.

  2. It’s an astounding ability. I’ve searched high and low for my cat, all but tearing the house apart, and then she’ll appear, seemingly out of nowhere. They love to hide and ambush from a place of concealment.

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