Writing in the Heat

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It was all I could do to crank out two and a half pages today. Holy moly, it’s hot! But if I try to write indoors, I’ll be interrupted again and again by nuisance phone calls.

In writing a continuing series, each new book has to pick up where the previous book left off. Can’t expect the reader to remember! It’s hard enough for me to remember. I have to revisit the last manuscript again and again, lest I forget where I put the various characters and why I put them there. Only then can I launch into the next story.

I don’t have a title yet, and that’s a handicap. I’m working on a book that will have two different climaxes. One is already in the bag, and I thank the Lord for that. But the other is still up in the air. The title will somehow have to link the two together. I pray it’ll soon pop into my head.

I do wish it was about ten degrees cooler!


5 comments on “Writing in the Heat

  1. Well, amazing. We now have the rain you had a few days ago, and you have the heat we had a few days ago. It is hard to know what to do; the changes come so fast.

  2. Have you considered putting the telephone under a sofa cushion? Or a folded-up quilt? If you do it artfully enough, you may even be able to convince visitors that it’s a custom artwork. 🙂

    We’re having intermittent thunderstorms today — we’re in the inter-storm lull right now — so I keep having to turn off my computer. I’ll pop back in occasionally, though, as I’m doing now.

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