They Just Won’t Read

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I can’t imagine a life that doesn’t include reading. I grew up in a house full of books. When I was old enough, I had my own books–hundreds of them. All kinds of books.

Books are the storehouse of history, which is the collected experience of the entire human race. It’s all been written down. And not only history, but of thought as well–pure thought. Ideas! But of course if you refuse to read it, you can’t learn from that experience or examine those ideas. You’ll only be able to learn from your own–which in all probability will have nothing to do with resolving great issues that are vital to your country and the world.

Why won’t they read? The attitude is so alien to my own way of life, I can’t even imagine an answer. Who would choose to be ignorant? Lots and lots of people, it seems.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! We’ve got social media! Like, who wants to read about the boring Middle Ages when you can go to Facebook and find out what your BFF Farfel saw on YouTube ten minutes ago?

Where do those mobs of ignorant, overfed, whitebread college students come from, who “protest” for BLM and can’t name a single item on the Bill of Rights?

They come from Never-Read-istan. And from the costliest and most intrusive, most wasteful, and least effective education system ever devised by fallen man.

And they will destroy us if we don’t change course.

9 comments on “They Just Won’t Read

  1. Well Lee, if you can even read this comment, I do agree with most of what you said. People it seems are more focused on themselves and social media than on the world around them which includes reading actual books, short stories, magazine articles and newspapers.
    I’m afraid that our generation may be the last to willingly go into a bookstore or library to pick up a novel or history or biography, sit down and read it for the pure enjoyment of reading.

  2. I can not imagine being without the written word. I have loved reading from the age of two, and ever since. I will never understand a people that does not read, but they do not understand me, either.
    I have been accused of “always having my nose stuck in a book”. Well, whatever. I’m going to read as long as my vision permits, and as long as I am able to acquire something to read.
    The very Word of God is written, and is vital for our wisdom.

    1. There are a lot of things in life you have to wait for. It doesn’t all come instant. Someone ought to teach them that.

  3. People of today are so used to watching screens it is just too much of an effort for them to actually read a book. Watching a screen puts the brain in a passive state. Reading a book puts the brain in an active state.

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