Calling Christian Bloggers–Rally!

Old North Church & Historic Site

I’m sure I’m not the only Christian blogger who’s seen his viewer numbers take a nosedive recently. I’m convinced there are Big Tech bad guys out there trying to silence us–trying to silence all opinions but their own, because that’s what the Left does.

Well, it’s time we helped each other!

I’m going to find other Christian bloggers and share their posts on my page, so that more readers will see them. Imagine if every post you put up were to appear on five other blogs. Now we’re getting somewhere.

I chose that picture of the Old North Church in Boston, with the statue of Paul Revere, on purpose. Our independence is again at risk, with the threat seeping out from Silicon Valley. Today’s redcoats work for Google et al.

No, we do not want to be governed by “experts” and elites! We ought to be governed by the Word of God, and by just laws passed by our elected representatives after due debate in public–not by one “mandate” after another.

Christian bloggers, rally to each other! We’re all in the same boat now.

9 comments on “Calling Christian Bloggers–Rally!

    1. We really do have to do this. I’ve been linking to posts from other Christian blogs all week. I need some company!

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