We Can’t Give These Shirts Away!


These unbelievably cool T-shirts are prizes in our current comment contest. The goal is 75,000 comments, we have just under 500 to go–and today there’s not a single comment here. Not yet, at least.

I know this is a lousy photo. What it says on the shirt (glorious MAGA red with white lettering) is, “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost –Lee Duigon.” Wear it to the next BLM rally and get physically assaulted!

I’m just itching to give these out as prizes, but where are the comments?

The contest is open to everyone, and almost anything goes… except profanity, personal attacks on othe readers, or comments just so hopelessly stupid that they cry out for deletion.

If you don’t want the shirt, you can win an autographed book. Your choice!

8 comments on “We Can’t Give These Shirts Away!

  1. I have no problem commenting but I don’t quite know what I’m supposed to comment UPON. There is SO MUCH WRONG today, that the subject matter is limitless.

  2. Sometimes people just have chores to do in the morning — or jobs. 😉 Patience, patience. Think of it this way, as I did just now when I checked the comments counter: “Yay, we’re more than halfway through the stretch from 74k to 75k!” 🙂

    1. I’m champing impatiently at the bit, hoping I’ll soon be seeing Christian bloggers posting each other’s essays as I’ve been doing all week here. I won’t stop, because I believe it’s something I *should* do even if I’m the only one doing it (which, thankfully, I’m not). But I would like to think that it’ll catch on.

      Meanwhile, today it’s been an entire month since anyone signed up to follow this blog–and that’s just not kosher, somebody has to be interfering. It maddens me that I can’t get a handle on it.

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