‘It Ain’t Hate When Libs Do It’ (2017)

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Go ahead, tell me leftids aren’t trying to start a race war. I won’t believe you, but give it your best shot.

“Hate” now means failure to conform to the ideology spewed out by the Democrat Party, the “teacher” unions, and the nooze media. And they themselves–now the biggest racists in the world–are never guilty of it!

It Ain’t Hate When Libs Do It

P.S.–Band together to battle social media censorshop! Come on, Christian bloggers–reblog or link to each other’s posts. Zuckerberg will hate it when you do.

Look, if they thought they could get away with banning us all outright, they would’ve done it by now. Let’s find out what they’re afraid of! Let’s find that achilles heel and jab an arrow into it.

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  1. The Woke religion is of the dark side. Christianity is religion of the light side. What is alarming is Christian pastors teaching woke religion. Two friends of mine are going to the Southern Baptist Convention where a fight against the woke religion is in full swing. Please pray for their safety and for their ability to witness to the true Gospel of Christ.

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