In Search of a Title

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Before I buckle down to the serious business of typing up Quokka University’s weekend TV listings, I’ve got to sit down outside with a nice cigar and pray Our Father to give me a title for the new book I’ve been writing.

Five chapters written so far, and still no title. I can’t go on like this.

The dickens of it is, I understand the problem! The book is going to have two climaxes. Cool, huh? One climax I’ve got in my back pocket already, but the other is still up in the air. And any title I choose must somehow relate to both of them. You can see why I’m in difficulty. If I knew the second climax, it should be easy to come up with a title.

I think I need both climaxes; in fact, I’m sure of it.

And so, before it rains… a thought break.

P.S.–Violet Crepuscular has suggested I simply adopt a title: e.g., Earl of R’lyeh, Duke of Beanball, etc. I don’t think she understands my problem. And I get fidgety when she does that “us writers” thing.

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