Baptists to Clash Over ‘Critical Race Theory’

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Our friend “thewhiterabbit” has warned us to keep an eye on this year’s Southern Baptist Convention meeting, and urged us to pray for the delegates, that they will speak truth and do right.

The annual meeting starts on June 15 in Nashville, and among the major issues to be dealt with is “Critical Race Theory”–an academic euphemism for the “teaching” that all white people are born guilty of racism, etc. Believe it or not, there are those among the SBC who want the nation’s largest Protestant denomination to embrace this evil claptrap (

[Note the flagrant dishonesty of the Associated Press. Their description of CRT as “an academic approach to understanding systemic racism” slides “systemic racism” under the door, unexamined, unquestioned–while at the same time soft-peddaling CRT as something other than the hatful of hatred that it is.]

There can only be three possible outcomes–four, if you want to count lapsing into irresolute confusion. One, the SBC rejects this racist ideology. Two, the delegates all go mad and they sign on to CRT. Three, the SBC ruptures along largely racial lines.

Now… why would anybody countenance “teaching” children or adults to hate themselves, hate and fear each other, hate their families, hate their country, and hate their God? Why are we even discussing such an abomination as Critical Race Theory?

Because leftids want to gain power by manipulating Americans against each other–and the more chaos, fear, crime, and violence it brews, the better it serves their purpose.

We must not let them do this to us!

By all means, do whatever is just and feasible to mollify and appease the SBC’s black congregations. The church is, after all, a brotherhood–or at least is meant to be. But those measures must stop short of giving any kind of approval whatsoever to CRT.

All have sinned: the Christian faith admits this. But all sins are washed away by Jesus Christ. CRT is in stark contradiction to the whole New Testament. And why that should take the SBC more than ten seconds to realize, I don’t understand.

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    1. Well, for one thing, it contradicts Scripture, which teaches us that our sins are forgiven by means of Christ’s atonement. Anyone who spouts this stuff and still claims to be a Christian is desperately mistaken.

    2. If the Southern Baptist have not split off yet then I think now is the time to do a little pruning.

  1. Our black brothers and sisters are under tremendous pressure to give into BLM and their racist rhetoric. The New Testament clearly teaches that in Christ there is no male nor female, free or slave, black or white, but we are all one in Christ. Those believers who have trouble with racist contentions need to be filled with the Holy Spirit Who gives us love for all people. The greatest is love, and love covers a multitude of sins.

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