‘”Diversity Been Very, Very Good to Me!'” (2018)

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It may not do its students and their families any good, but college is a money machine for the twaddlers who are running it.

In 2016 the University of Michigan paid some bonzo $385,000 to be a “chief diversity and inclusion officer,” whatever the devil that is.

And then they upped the tuition 3.9%.

‘Diversity Been Very, Very Good to Me!’

What a hustle “education” is! It’s a magical process by which bureaucrats turn other people’s hard work into cushy featherbeds for themselves. Diversity! Inclusion! Crapola.

And we’re the suckers who are paying for it.

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  1. “Diversity and Inclusion Office” is the name they had to give the Affirmative Action Office when the courts ruled that affirmative action was illegal. They did the same name change at my university — and upped the salary in the process.

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