Pope Dodges Communion with Biden

Joe Biden thanks Pope Francis for his 'blessings' in call with pontiff

What’s wrong with this picture?

Should the head of the Catholic Church personally administer communion to a politician who avidly supports and promotes abortion, sodomy, and “transgender”?

Even Francis I, the Red Pope, is afraid to test the thickness of that ice.

China Joe had asked the Pope to do the honors for him, but yesterday the Pope called it off (https://theduran.com/too-woke-for-the-pope-pope-francis-nixes-mass-with-joe-biden-video/). And tomorrow the U.S. bishops will begin a discussion on “Eucharistic coherence”–that is, the teaching that a Catholic can’t have communion and still “act in deeds or words against the commandments,” among which is a strong prohibition of abortion.

Ah! But at the same time, the Vatican has “warned” American bishops not to withhold communion from, ahem, “Catholic” politicians who continue to support and promote abortion. Mixed message, anyone? They say it’s because they don’t want the Eucharist getting mixed up with politics. Well, wouldn’t it be convenient if we could compartmentalize life to that extent?

And the bishops are in a bind because they’ve let things slide for too long and now they have to choose: stand against abortion, or wilt before the political bosses and perhaps lose all moral authority. Who’s going to listen to them if they declare abortion is a sin and then turn around and give communion to the likes of Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, etc.

Please note that all the fake Catholic politicians who promote abortion are Democrats.

Oh, boys! You’ve run out of time for business as usual.

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  1. This is a serious problem, but it is not the only one they have. For instance the child abuse by some in their ranks, and what are they doing about that?

    1. The same ones who are covering up the abuse (and by the way, it’s mostly abuse of adolescents and teenagers, not small children) are the ones who go along with giving Communion to self-styled Catholics who support or promote abortion. “Sin speaks to the sinner,” you know.

  2. Francis is notorious for speaking out of both sides of his mouth — sometimes out of six or seven different sides of his mouth. That way, when he’s accused of saying something heretical, his lackeys can always protest, “Ah, but remember he said” the contrary. That’s another thing he’s notorious for — ducking responsibility and letting his lackeys do the cover for him. He’s an embarrassment to all faithful Catholics. Some people are saying that he’s our chastisement for having become too complacent. Others are being less charitable. And to keep from becoming even less charitable myself, I’ll let it go at that.

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