‘As the “Science” Gets Sillier and Sillier’ (2018)

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Study our civilization! If you can find it.

Is there a secret government agency whose only job is to invent ever-more frivolous ways to waste our money?

I’d like to know how much this caper cost–“studying” the effects of Climbit Change on an alien civilization on another planet.

As the ‘Science’ Gets Sillier and Sillier

Just askin’–what do they mean by a “civilization”? Our own planet has had many civilizations. It has quite a few different ones today. But then most of science-fiction has always taken eventual Global Government as a given.

Heaven forbid.

I suppose, meanwhile, it would do no good to ask for our money back…

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  1. You really nailed it here. Science (pseudo science, that is) is one of the greatest irritants among many these days. They sit there speaking their gibberish with a serious expression as if they actually knew what they are talking about. I can’t believe people can be so brazenly …well, you know.

  2. These people, apparently, don’t understand that difference between reality and science fiction. They have discovered exo-planets, but all they really have to go on is a minute variation in the light observed from a given star when a planet transits across the face of the star. From this, but of information, they have synthesized all sorts of imaginary scenarios of civilizations and how these imaginary civilizations have solved the problems someone imagines that they have faced.

    Ok, one can surmise a bit from the transit of a planet across the face of a star. For example, the timing of these events would tell us the orbital interval, so it would be possible to make an estimation of the planet’s orbital diameter. Orbital diameter could be used to infer the makeup of a planet, but we can only base this upon our solar system, where the rocky planets are closer to the Sun and the more distant planets are made mostly of very dense gases. Because most of these scientists believe in a Big Bang, and accretion of planets from gases and dust, as opposed t9 purposeful creation, they surmise that the materials for building planets tend to favor rocky planets nearer a star and gaseous planets further away. But if creation was at the hands of a Creator, He could have made things according to His plans, and it’s quite possible that our solar system is not the model for all others.

    So let’s recap:

    Tiny variations in the light observed from distant stars has led to the belief that these stars have planets and the timing of these variations would suggest the orbital period of these planets, from which could be derived some informed, though not foolproof, speculation regarding the makeup of these planets. And from this tiny bit of information, we now can be certain that their climate changed and that they embraced certain political solutions which just happens to be very similar to the views of the scientists whom are speculating on the subject. That’s a lot of information to be gained from less than the twinkling of a star.

  3. The master mind behind all this irrationality is Satan himself. What he tempted Jesus with are the same temptations the billionaire ruling class has said yes to. Destroy Christian civilization is Satan’s goal, but God has a plan, knowing the end from the beginning and being outside of time, and has promised us victory through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ who has been given all power and authority in heaven and earth. As Paul wrote to Timothy, “wage righteous warfare.”

  4. The new rage in “science” is chimeras, human-animal hybrids. Since the world is aging (more people retired in America in 2020 than were born) anything to do with extending life is the new financial bonanza. Look at the wealth the pandemic produced for Big Pharma.

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