‘Science Ethics Crumbling, Investigators Say’ (2018)

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What could be more “scientific” than the endorsement of an untold multitude of doctors?


I’m not even sure what “science” means anymore. And it seems like some of our scientists aren’t, either.

Science Ethics Crumbling, Investigators Say

Everybody knows this by now: If you’re willing to pay for it, you can get a “scientific study” that says anything you want it to say. (“World’s gonna end because of Climate Change! Give us all your money!” “You can be a boy today and a girl tomorrow!” Surely we’ve heard them all.)

Besides which… Today’s science is tomorrow’s hogwash.

Celebrity ‘Scientist’ Embraces Transgender

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson poses at the premiere of the film "80 for Brady" at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Friday, Jan. 6, 2023, in Palm Springs. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

The bunkmeister speaks!

As my high school math teacher used to say, “Empty barrels make the most noise.” Boy, did he ever get that right!

In the realm of popularized “science” there’s no emptier barrel than Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Real scientists who just do their work and never get showcased on PBS are not the subject of this essay. They exist, and we are thankful for them. But Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a clanging ding-dong.

One’s “gender,” he bloviates–and the whole science of biology– “is subordinate to the gender they display in their clothes and makeup” (https://www.breitbart.com/health/2023/08/02/watch-science-explainer-degrasse-tyson-converts-transgenderism/). Oh! So what you wear determines what you are?

Please tell me he doesn’t really believe that. I’ll be charitable, and say he’s only just another empty barrel trying to latch on to current politics: a kind of prostitute who poses as a scientist.

No wonder communists think all it’ll take is one more push and adios, America.

‘Bill Nye, the Death Guy’ (2017)

Bill Nye, The FOOD Science Guy! «

One man’s “science” is another man’s snake oil.

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if all us old folks just fell off our perch and left behind a world full of defenseless young minds for the likes of Bill Nye to play with?

Actually we haven’t seen much of him lately, have we? Has he gotten what he wished on others?

Bill Nye the Death Guy

There is no one as anti-human as a humanist. We do we flood our airwaves with ’em? Why does anybody care what Bill Nye says?

(Note: I see that now that COVID has subsided, they’re piling back onto the Climbit Chainge Express.)

Next on Worry List: NYC Sinking into Oblivion

NYC is sinking under the weight of its buildings: geologists

As if things weren’t already bad enough, now some geologists warn us that New York City is slowly sinking into the earth at a rate of 1 or 2 millimeters per year (https://nypost.com/2023/05/17/nyc-is-sinking-under-the-weight-of-its-buildings-geologists/). Don’t sign any long-term leases.

Let’s see… hmm… Experts say New York’s buildings, over a million of ’em, weigh some 1.7 trillion pounds and that’s why they’re sinking. Some 8.4 million people will be increasingly at risk from flooding, hurricanes, and giant monsters stirred up by muclear tests. Yeah–they couldn’t tell the story without bringing in the whole Climate Change book of verses. It’s your fault, people! Trying to live like your betters–no way! Quick, confiscate the gas stoves and the air conditioners!

See? They can never just report a scientific finding. They’ve always got to add a lot of BS bells and whistles which makes the whole thing sound like ca-ca. Then they throw a tantrum ’cause we don’t believe them.

‘Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming’ (2014)

Winter Weather | Ready.gov

(Update: Our Christmas weekend weather forecast calls for intense cold like you wouldn’t believe. 99% of scientists believe it’s caused by Democrats not having more of your money.)

Remember when they used to call it “Global Warming,” but had to re-label it as “Climate Change” because sometimes it got colder and their “scientific” predictions didn’t come true?

In this post from eight years ago, you’ll meet some Climbit Poobah die-hards who will never give up on “99% of all scientists” etc., etc. Every lie in the book, they fervently believe.

Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming

You hardly ever hear “Global Warming” anymore; “Climate Change” has replaced it as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I think of the fools in the Roman Senate who hailed Caligula as a god…

‘Curses, Foiled Again! No Sea Level Rise for New York, Washington D.C.’ (2016)

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All those dramatic predictions! All that rending of garments and gnashing of teeth! Sea levels gonna rise, rise, rise! And New York and Washington will wind up underwater. The new Atlantis!

Curses, Foiled Again! No Sea Level Rise for New York, Washington D.C.

Imagine their dismay when the sea levels there actually went down a bit.

None of this has ever been anything but a grab for power and wealth at the general population’s expense. “Give us all yo’ money! Give us all the power! Only then can we save you from Climbit Chains!” (“Don’t you wretched peasants listen to the Settled Science???”)

One wonders just how sad the rest of America would be if New York and Washington went under water.

Are the Big Shots Stupid, Too?

Our world leaders think we’re stupid. That’s what entitles them to abuse us. But are they as stupid as they think we are?

You bet your topknot they are.

To sell its  Climbit Chainge scam, the United Nations Corrupt Dictators Club has produced a video in which a computer-generated dinosaur lectures the General Assembly that “going extinct is a bad thing.”

And it’s all our fault, see, because we burn fossil fuels! Boo! Hiss! Why, everybody knows we have a moral obligation to adopt a 12th-century standard of living! While all our leaders zoom around on private jets, live in colossal mansions that use more electricity in a day than a whole town uses in a week, and plot to reduce our numbers by any means necessary, leaving just enough of us to be their slaves–

I want to scream sometimes.

So they’re gonna sell this deal to us with the aid of a computer-generated dinosaur. Maybe they’ll bring back Barney the Dinosaur to sell it to the kids.

Climate Change! COVID! Systemic racism! Shudder, cringe–only government can save us! By creating fear and panic and then promising to save us.

Just for the record, there is no man-made “climate change.”

Well, I guess there’s something to be said for an imaginary dinosaur to be discussing an imaginary crisis.


‘Creeping Twaddle’ (2018)

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Ah, the Feminist Golden Age! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Science could prove it once upon a time existed?

Creeping Twaddle

Figurines just like the one in the picture above have been found in prehistoric sites all over Southern Europe and the Near East. They have never been found along with writing. That means there’s precious little we can know about them or the people that made them.

That doesn’t stop certain “scientists” from rushing way out on a limb, reconstructing a lost world of “egalitarian agricultural” people ruled over by fat women. Sorry, that’s not science–unless that’s what science has degenerated into, these days. It’s only PC wishful thinking.


“‘Climate Change’ Con Artists Caught Again’ (2015)

Some people don’t understand why so many of us share such a deep distrust of government.

It’s because the government has this really bad habit of lying to us. About everything. About “climate change,” for instance.

‘Climate Change’ Con Artists Caught Again

They’re still trying to put that whopper across–although now most of their eggs are in the COVID basket. The idea is to terrify people into submission. The goal is to control us. To own us, as it were.

This is why so many of us have so much trouble accepting anything help out to us by hypocrites and liars.

Fake data, made up to serve a political objective–and they want to stick a needle into everybody in the world.

Now They Want to Take Your Cats and Dogs (2017)

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It was only four years ago that, um, “scientists” at UCLA wanted to take away your cats and dogs Because Global Warming.

New Global Warming Threat! Your Pet

Well, nothing has come of that–yet!–but it does serve to illustrate the limitless vistas of tyranny that dance round and round in leftists’ heads like visions of sugar plums. They eat other people’s freedom. They lust for it.

See, dogs and cats eat meat [shocked gasps from the peanut gallery]. So you gotta have only vegan pets. I have nothing against herbivorous animals, but I can’t see a cow or a sheep thriving in my apartment

Liberals are a menace to human life and sanity.

We really do need to find a way to get them out of our government and our other institutions.