“‘Climate Change’ Con Artists Caught Again’ (2015)

Some people don’t understand why so many of us share such a deep distrust of government.

It’s because the government has this really bad habit of lying to us. About everything. About “climate change,” for instance.

‘Climate Change’ Con Artists Caught Again

They’re still trying to put that whopper across–although now most of their eggs are in the COVID basket. The idea is to terrify people into submission. The goal is to control us. To own us, as it were.

This is why so many of us have so much trouble accepting anything help out to us by hypocrites and liars.

Fake data, made up to serve a political objective–and they want to stick a needle into everybody in the world.

Now They Want to Take Your Cats and Dogs (2017)

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It was only four years ago that, um, “scientists” at UCLA wanted to take away your cats and dogs Because Global Warming.

New Global Warming Threat! Your Pet

Well, nothing has come of that–yet!–but it does serve to illustrate the limitless vistas of tyranny that dance round and round in leftists’ heads like visions of sugar plums. They eat other people’s freedom. They lust for it.

See, dogs and cats eat meat [shocked gasps from the peanut gallery]. So you gotta have only vegan pets. I have nothing against herbivorous animals, but I can’t see a cow or a sheep thriving in my apartment

Liberals are a menace to human life and sanity.

We really do need to find a way to get them out of our government and our other institutions.

‘Science Ethics Crumbling, Investigators Say’ (2018)

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The push to “prove” Man-Made Climbit Change, regardless of whether it was true, did so much to corrupt Science; and now COVID panic is finishing the job. But look how far down the road they’d already gone, three years ago.

Science Ethics Crumbling, Investigators Say

What a stainless reputation Science had in the late 50s and throughout the 60s! You couldn’t sell tees to a golfer unless you wore a lab coat.

Now it’s so much lying and cheating, it might as well be all lying and cheating.

It takes a lot of the fun out of it, when you know they’re lying to you.

Allixanter He Is Comming ‘To’ Collidge!!!!!

Alexander the Great | Biography, Empire, Death, & Facts | Britannica

O watt Fabyuliss news!!!! Allixanter “the” Grate he is comming to Our Collidge to teetch Frinology!!! witch is the Scients “of” studdying The bummps on somb-one’s hedd to see “if” Thay are alll rihght!!!!!!

Somb Biggit Hater Racist he sayed “”Butt Allixanter he dyed like thousints And thousints of “yeers” aggo”!” so we tooked aweay “his” Luntch Munny and “p”ut himb Into Sensertivvaty Traning!!!!!! He whil Not be aloud “to Sleeep” untill his Myind is Rihght!!!!

Back “in The” Sevvinties Allixanter he conkered Grease and Rhome and Indier but thay maid himb Give It “Back”!” He ownly didded it for Socile Jutstus!!! Sints thenn he Has bin Studdying Frinology  alawng whith Bil Nye and aslo somb gye naimed Arris Tuttle!!!! Togetther thay has Revilussionized the Scients!!!!!

I amb Eegar “to” taik, thatt Coarse!!!! I has awlyaws bien Fastrinated by Frinology becose whith It yiu cain aslo Tell “the Fiutchure!”!”  My grate-grate grampa he whent “to” sea a Frinologist and wowned Up “geting” a Jobb as a Pander!!!!

Yiu maiy has Knotised in that thare pixture that Allixanter he “has” kynd Of a funnny hat!! Well that is a offishul Frinology Hat,, yiu got “to” where It wen yoore Feeeling “the Bummps!”!!” The fetthers thay Hellp yiu to tell The Fiutchure!!!!!!!

I cloes whith somb-thing i heered in a lexture “the Othre Day–” “It is Possabull to Akwire a Deeep Under-Stand’ing of Histry whith-out anny Historickle Fackts!!!!!!!!!!” I hoap that is True foar Frinology tooo!!!!!

Oh, No! Air Is Racist, Too!

47,249 Air pollution Images - Free & Royalty-free Stock Air pollution Photos  & Pictures | Depositphotos

Uh… Aren’t our polluted cities governed mostly by “Science”-loving liberals?

When the National Academy of Sciences talks Science, all you peasants better listen!

The NAS has just discovered “pollution inequity,” caused by racist white people whose activities–such as using electricity–turn the air itself racist (https://www.conservativeglobe.com/articles/oh-great-now-the-air-is-racist-time-for-rep-air-ations/). ‘Cause, see, white folks cause most of the air pollution and People Of Color… breathe most of it! (Shut up! This is Science!)

But not to worry, social justice is at hand. The government’s got this. Simply charge those evil white folks more money for electricity–’cause after all they use so much of it–and charge POCs less! It’s a kind of reparations. And NPR is all in favor of that, so there!

Had enough yet, America?


‘As the “Science” Gets Sillier and Sillier’ (2018)

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Study our civilization! If you can find it.

Is there a secret government agency whose only job is to invent ever-more frivolous ways to waste our money?

I’d like to know how much this caper cost–“studying” the effects of Climbit Change on an alien civilization on another planet.

As the ‘Science’ Gets Sillier and Sillier

Just askin’–what do they mean by a “civilization”? Our own planet has had many civilizations. It has quite a few different ones today. But then most of science-fiction has always taken eventual Global Government as a given.

Heaven forbid.

I suppose, meanwhile, it would do no good to ask for our money back…

It’s Foochy Fauci Time!

It hurts, really hurts, when you try to take this guy seriously.

Doc Fauci, America’s medical panjandrum, a bureaucrat having the time of his life, just won’t go away, he’s having too much fun.

Remember when he said, last year–and the New England Journal of Medicine agreed with him–that wearing face masks won’t protect us from King COVID, they’re not of any value outdoors… and that wearing them was only a symbol of “good behavior.” Wow. Suddenly we’re all toddlers again.

Now he’s saying it’s possible–meaning, it’s certain–we’ll still be wearing the masks in 2022 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1USHuud5i8). He’s also been toying with the idea of wearing double or triple masks, just in case you’re still breathing.

“We’ll give you back your freedom and your adulthood just as soon as we can guarantee a germ-free environment–honest!”

What if we don’t want to walk around as live symbols of good behavior? In God’s name, what kind of America is this?

It’s Dr. Fauci time.

Study Finds ‘150 Million White Supremacists’

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In a new scientific study funded by George Sauros and Diversity News, scientists report that the Untied States is home to “at least 150 million white supremacists–who are, moreover, directly responsible for Climate Change, COVID-19, and everybody else’s failures.”

“They like to say a lot of these people aren’t white at all,” said project director Dearie O’Leary, B.S., “but we are going all the way with our computer model! Computers don’t lie! Science doesn’t lie! Eeeeeyaaaah!”

“A good 20 minutes went into the creation of that computer model!” declared the assistant director, Gender Studies Professor I Feelz Pretty. “This is all about Social Justice! This is about saving America from the American people. And sometimes you have to destroy things to save them.”

Diversity News Anchor Kim Jong Un Clydesdale, in an interview with a terrapin, suggested “150 million white supremacists is probably low-balling it. Betcha anything it’s more like 250 million! I’ve heard President Biden keeps the real number in his sock drawer–wherever that is. He hasn’t seen it lately.”

What to do about 150-250 million white supremacists?

“Suffice it to say that whatever it turns out to be, the answer will be scientific! with a capital C!” said Ms. O’Leary.

‘Consensus? What Consensus?’ (2018)

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I’m looking out my window at over a foot of Global Warming snow.

“There’s a consensus!” That civilization causes Global Warming/Climbit Change/Whatever. Yeah, right.

Consensus? What Consensus?

Here’s 485 published scientific papers that say your consensus is all wet.

But Climbit Change treaties and mandates (not legislation–why go to all that trouble?) are a big part of putting us peasants in our place. Our job in this world is to be ruled, herded, ordered about, picked on, terrorized, bullied, and robbed. “Their” job is to do it.

‘Global Warming Hysteria… Again’ (2013)

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Totally imaginary–but still scary!

Gasp! The horror! If all the oceans in the world, all at the same time, were suddenly to release all the heat stored in them, we’d all be fried! It’s true, I tell you! The International Panel on Climate Change says so! Oh, if only the government had more arbitrary power over us–!

Global Warming Hysteria… Again

The fact that there could be no reason for all the oceans to cough up all their heat didn’t faze any of the Climate Wizards of 2013; and they’re still around today, still trying to control your life. And now that their buddies have stolen a U.S. presidential election, they think they’re in the catbird seat. “Boy, will we sock it to the deplorables now!”

How do you get a job making people afraid of impossible things?