I’ve Got a Title!

I’ve got a title for the new book I’ve just started writing–Let Shut the Doors of Heaven. How’s that? I can always change it, but at least now it gives me a destination toward which to guide the story.

As for The Wind from Heaven, I have no idea what’s holding up its release–but it’ll be worth waiting for.

Meanwhile, blog traffic here is down to a trickle, I don’t know why, using key words has had no effect whatsoever, and I now have to work twice as hard to get only half the results.

Let me know what you think of my title. Does it say “Pick me up and read me”?

10 comments on “I’ve Got a Title!

    1. Well, of course they have to be opened if they’re already shut; but I did think about that alternative title.
      I’m open to suggestions, maybe somebody will turn me on with something I never thought of.
      But of course the readers don’t yet know the story I propose to write…
      “Shut” does have more to do with the plot than “Open.”

  1. A bit long for me. I had to think about what it meant too much. Maybe just shut the doors of heaven? I know it doesn’t have the same sound, but some thing that could be fewer words we don’t have to think through too much. Hope that helps. Love your books! (PS will the wind from Heaven get to kindle at some point?)

    1. Last I heard, “Wind” is at the printer’s. I don’t know why it’s taking so long.

      The title is a guide for me; it points me toward the resolution of the story. I can always change it; but “Let Shut the Doors of Heaven” keeps me pointed toward where I need to go.

      And it’ll make sense to the readers, once they’ve read the book.

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