‘Art’ by Hunter Biden (It’s Expensive!)

Hunter Biden, Untitled (2020). Courtesy of the artist and Georges Bergès Gallery.

Eat your heart out, Rembrandt!

Hunter Biden, controversial son of The Big Guy, has become an artist and recently sold one of his paintings for $500,000. He’s got a dealer and everything! But the name of the sucker–er, buyer–has not been revealed. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

Hunter’s art is abstract. That means he can’t draw.

Now, why would anyone in his right mind pay half a million bucks for a bird cage liner perpetrated by this… person?

Well, if you’re nice to Hunter, The Big Guy just might do you a favor. A real big favor. A favor worth, say, half a million dollars.

Do you believe any single one of these corrupt characters will ever spend a day in jail?

8 comments on “‘Art’ by Hunter Biden (It’s Expensive!)

  1. In jail? No, I doubt it, but without true repentance, something far worse that earthly jail is waiting…

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