‘Beware the Komodo Dragon’ (2017)

Dinner is coming–and it could be you.

Fortunately for everybody’s peace of mind, Komodo dragons are rare and tend not to live in populated areas. Which is good, because this–the world’s largest living lizard–is one of the few land animals with the inclination and the ability to eat people.

Beware the Komodo Dragon!

No kidding–you really can get eaten. By a lizard!

This creature grows up to 10 feet long and 300 pounds. It’s an expert ambush predator. That means you don’t even know it’s there until it takes a bite out of you. And the bite is poisonous.

They’re very easy to avoid, though. Just don’t visit any of the islands where they live.

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    1. Bob and Ray were great. They were able to pull off all sorts of skits by just being deadpan. I remember them on Saturday Night Live singing some stupid Rod Stewart song, while seated and wearing suits right out of 1948. They were so opposite the song that they were singing that I almost fell off my chair.

  1. That is the coolest picture I’ve seen, all day. I’ve been out of bed for, perhaps, fifteen minutes, but I think that this picture will reign unchallenged for the rest of the day.

    When God made our world, He stopped every so often to take stock, and pronounced His creation as good. At the very least, the genetic information to make a Komodo Dragon existed at that time, if not in physical form, at least in the potential, which would allow it’s created “kind” to adapt to changing conditions.

    What an amazing creature this is! This is as close as most of us are likely to get to some sort of sauropod. They look like they mean business, and have the clout to back it up. What wonders will we see when all is restored?

  2. At least, they like all the creatures on the New Earth, will be kept in control, not predatory.

    1. It’s said they tame down pretty well when they’re kept at a zoo. Which didn’t keep Sharon Stone’s boyfriend from being bitten when he went into the dragon enclosure for a photo op.

  3. The Komodo Dragon would make a fitting image of the fraudulent Biden Administration that is now sending billions of dollars to State that will incorporate their curriculum with Critical Race Theory. Where do they get the power and authority to do this? Not from the U.S. Constitution.

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