Cats ‘n’ Candles

Smoky the Bear should’ve been a cat. As you can see, cats have a compulsion to put out fires. And they do it bare-handed, too. I have learned how to do it without knocking the candle over. Maybe it’ll come in handy someday.

2 comments on “Cats ‘n’ Candles

  1. I have seen cats do this, and it made me nervous, but it didn’t seem to bother the cat. I still don’t know why they think they should do it.

  2. I know that my cat hates fire. I had her out in a leash while I was burning some brush, and she stayed as far away as she could. I’ve seen cats go after candles, and my current cat has shown an interest when I had a candle burning, but never tried to put it out.

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