‘Sorry–I Believe the Bible’ (2016)

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It’s hard to find “Biblical scholars” (LOL) who believe the Bible. These same people would object to Darwinism being taught by Young Earth Creationists. I think it’s because they’re just not very nice people.

Sorry–I Believe the Bible

I have been writing fiction, and reading it assiduously, all my life–unlike some “scholar” at a bonzo seminary who needs to get out more often. I’m here to tell you, as a fiction writer conversant with the history of fiction, that the Bible is non-fiction. The Bible is truth. Because the techniques of fiction needed to create a Bible were never even thought of until the 19th century–and can you think of any “Bible equivalent” that has stood the test of time? How many fake “Bibles” have been written, and passed unnoticed into oblivion?

The real Bible–the one dictated by the Holy Spirit over thousands of years–lives on. And it will never pass away.

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  1. Exactly. The Lord said in Matthew 5, “heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away”

  2. The Bible admits, and even features, the missteps of kings and leaders, such as Moses. Noah was a true hero in scripture, but he got drunk at one point, which wasn’t such a great move. The sons of Jacob sold their youngest brother into slavery. David committed adultery and then arranged to have the husband of his paramour killed in battle. Solomon was wise, but turned aside to false gods. The original 12 disciples seemed to enjoy nothing more than arguing about who was greatest among them and the mother of James and John even tried to set them up as being at Jesus’ left and right hands, when the Kingdom was established. Peter made mistakes of impulsivity on more than one occasion, and denied Jesus on three occasions. The nation of Israel were blessed, but still repeatedly betrayed the One True God.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  3. This is only speculation on my part but…. I wonder how many of these “Bible scholars” who say the Bible is fiction believe and repeat all the fake news they hear on nooze outlets?

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