A Bunch O’ Bunnies

There are many aspects of bunny behavior that have stumped the world’s great minds. It is said that Dr. Igot Sood, upon seeing what that one bunny in this video was doing with someone’s slippers, broke down and wept and just couldn’t do any more nuclear physics for the longest time.

3 comments on “A Bunch O’ Bunnies

  1. They really are amusing and odd acting. I have seen little rabbits do some of these things, but nowhere
    near all.

  2. Watching bunnies eat is so much fun. They also re-eat their first round of poops, but most likely you will never see them do it. I had one house bunny I never saw sleep – he always knew someone was there.

    1. I’d rather not see them eat poops. It was bad enough when my box turtles did it. I think they did it just to gross out our dog.

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