Another Book I’m Not Gonna Read

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Fap! My toilet backed up again–must be time for some past lives regression therapy!

“How can I live as my aware self?”

The Perky Publicist is morphing into the Pesky Publicist, sending me emails about new books I ought to read. This one, whose title I decline to give, lest anyone buy it and then blame me, is all about New Age self-improvement.

Confound it, the Mets lost again! Must be time to re-adjust those chakras.

Why is it that the more technology we have in our lives, the more superstition we get to go with it? Somebody must be reading this bilge. Yee-hah, I was Uncle Floyd in a past life! What? Uncle Floyd is still alive? Well, how many Uncle Floyds are with us now? Coulda knocked me over with a feather.

Up next–join your local Self-Exhumation Society! You could wind up as a bona fide YouTube celebrity.

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