Workin’ in the Heat

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I’ve just come in from working on my book outside. Yeesh! They say the heat index is over 100 degrees. I’m in no position to doubt it.

And wow, dig that Big Tech censorship! I’m on a pace to lose 3,000 views compared to April 2020. Three thousand views. Good thing I’m not in this for the money.

Now, somehow, I’ve got to write a Newswithviews column. Pray I don’t keel over. I have no idea what to write, so I’ll have to think of something. If I can cool off first.

6 comments on “Workin’ in the Heat

  1. I sure understand what you mean. It reached 109 here yesterday, and today is not predicted to be any better. In my former home it was 117. Whew, we had better have good AC. Power was off for several hours in places near here. That would really be a disaster.
    I am preparing a new teaching for the next Bible study meeting, and being muddle headed, I make a lot of
    typos to correct, grrrrr
    I will keep your needs in mind and ask the Lord to guide and strengthen you and give you peace.

  2. I never did do well in extreme heat, but now at this age, it is really horrible. Knocks me out for an hour for every minute I spend out in it.

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