Oops! Big-Deal Noozie Loses 75% of His Audience

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I’ve got censors shoving me to the bottom of the search engine barrel every day, and it’s no wonder I’m losing a thousand or more views a month. But out there in Noozieland, CNN’s Jake Tapper has lost 75% of his audience in just six months (https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2021/06/29/nolte-cnns-jake-tapper-loses-75-of-his-audience-in-just-six-months/#). And that’s with sponsors backing him.

What’s his excuse?

Oh, that’s easy. He sucks. He’s totally in the bag for Democrats and everybody knows it, so he has zero credibility.

Tapper’s show went from 2.8 million viewers in January to 708,000 in June. Slump-O-Rama! But wait, there’s more.

CNN overall lost more than 50% of its viewers in the first two quarters of this year.

Noozies think we’ll believe any old crapola they tell us and faithfully support whatever lying, thieving, overreaching, America-hating politician they fob off on us.

But the figures say they’re wrong.

Yo, CNN–don’t let the door hit you in  the a** on your way out.

5 comments on “Oops! Big-Deal Noozie Loses 75% of His Audience

  1. Yep, I hear this all the time. People are stuffed to the gills with all this childish and dangerous nonsense.

  2. Trump told the Fake News they would miss him when he was gone. Without Trump to slander on a daily basis, the never-Trumpers saw how vacuous these networks are and went to 0ne-Minute TicToc videos instead that better matched their brain power.

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