‘Football’ Is a Pandering Mob of Money-Grubbing Parasites

The NFL says 'football is gay' in latest ad | Ad Age

Football is loathsome.

Not wanting to be left out of “Pride Month”–set aside for the “celebration” of sexual sin–the National Football League quickly whipped up a TV ad that proclaimed, “Football is Gay!” It’s also lesbian, transgender, etc., etc.

Two days later they pulled the ad (https://hillreporter.com/watch-nfl-drops-pro-lgbtq-ad-conservatives-lose-it-105382). To the astonishment of the Far Left everywhere, it seems “gay” and “transgender” are nowhere near as popular as Democrat zealots think they are. People did not like that ad, not one bit.

You can still see the ad on YouTube, but without the video.

But then this is the same National Football League that proudly hates America and proudly kneels during the National Anthem to show how ashamed they are of their country.

Why does anybody still watch this schiff?

Just for the record, I think we ought to dispute the claim that “Football is lesbian.” Have you heard there are any lesbians playing in the NFL?

On second thought, we are probably better off not knowing.

How deeply, how often, does the NFL have to insult us before we find something else, anything else, to watch on TV?

Shame on us if we watch football.

7 comments on “‘Football’ Is a Pandering Mob of Money-Grubbing Parasites

  1. Well, this is one thing I don’t have to worry about for myself. I have never watched football, never. I think it is the most stupid thing I ever saw, and always did. A friend once said to me…”you don’t like football? what is wrong with you?” I just said, I think a bunch of big blobs running around and running into each other and falling down is not my idea of a game, and I’m not big on games anyway.

    1. I used to like it. I gave it up years ago. Big-time sports have turned into nothing but a way to mine money from the public.

  2. The LGBT was given laws, a month dedicated to their pride, and they want to burn the U.S. Flag. Just wait till they rewrite American history textbooks for public school.

  3. I’m not particularly a football fan. I’ve watched a few games when the social situation called for it and know just (barely) enough about the game to understand what is going on, but I have no loyalties to various teams and don’t follow the sport in any manner.

    Unfortunately, professional sports has taken on a great deal of importance in our society and many people ascribe great significance to various games. To what scant extent I pay attention, it is my understanding that viewership has declined and that pro sports is not what it used to be. I see this as a good thing, but like any beast in its death throes, pro sports is lashing out.

    Frankly, I’d be a lot more interested in the outcome of a local game than in the outcome of a national game. I’d love to see more of that sort of sports.

    1. TV just about killed minor league baseball. Why go to your local ballpark to see Joe Nobody play left field, when you can have cable TV and see all the big-name stars celebrating Gay Day?

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