‘Have They All Gone Mad?’ (2016)

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Look back on how bad it was in 2016. I wonder now if our country could have survived without Donald Trump interrupting the madness for four years.

But now the inmates are back in charge of the asylum.

Have They All Gone Mad?

Ooh-ooh! I wasn’t allowed to say that, was I? After all, Democrats have shut down most of the mental hospitals and kicked out the patients who needed to be there. “Asylum” is not a dirty word. I means a refuge, a place of safety.

Yeahbut-yeahbut! You can’t say mad! What we have here is simply an alternative route to sanity.

I wonder if we’ll make it to November 2022 with anything of our republic still intact.

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  1. The signs aren’t good. The panic-mongers have already started shrieking about the Delta Variant Monster and the need for new lockdowns. They’ve already imposed new lockdowns in Australia, supposedly for two weeks –and we know how those “15 days to flatten the curve” turn into years or until they can manufacture a new “variant” to start a panic about.

    Meanwhile, this dreaded delta variant which seems to spread as quickly as the common cold also seems to be as deadly as the common cold. But everyone who was trained to panic over the original virus will reflexively panic over this one as well.

    1. When this bubble finally bursts–and I do believe it will–there are going to be a lot of people who will be lucky to escape the public’s vengeance.

  2. Most of us are so sick of their “panic mode” way of living. Yet, I still see lots of people everywhere who are wearing the silly face masks even after the “mandate” has been lifted. That shows that they are really living in fear for their lives. Either that, or they think they look cool in the silly things. People are really unreasonable. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, the verse that has been so clearly pointed out during this whole debacle.

  3. I don’t think that there is anything of our long-lost “Republic” that is intact. Oh, we have things that LOOK like it, but as one can be arrested for saying the wrong thing, it is foolish to believe that we are what we once were.

  4. It is kind of like people saying the public education system is failing – it isn’t because it was designed to do just what it is doing. Same with the Biden administration’s policies, designed to do just what they are doing – crash the economy and bring in full-scale Socialism.

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