Waking the Giant

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After he bombed Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto said, “We have wakened a slumbering giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.”

Has that giant begun to stir again? The cultural seismograph is twitching. Heck, it’s more than twitching.

Unusually for me, I feel strangely optimistic today. Maybe it’s because of certain stories I’ve covered, these past few days. For instance:

*Even in liberal Loudon County, Virginia, virtually everybody hates “Critical Race Theory” and has demanded it be cast out of the schools. School officials are reduced to pretending they never adopted CRT in the first place. Hardly anyone believes them.

*The NFL’s “Football is gay!” ad had to be pulled after just two days on the air. Hardly anyone liked it. The pushback was immediate and intense.

*CNN noozie and Democrat shill (if you’ll pardon the tautology) Jake Tapper has seen his ratings plummet 75% (!) since January. Stick it in your ear, sunshine! And overall CNN ratings are down 53%.

And now they’re muttering about re-imposing lockdowns! Here come da COVID variant…

I don’t think the American people like this stuff–do you? I don’t think we want to be ruled by wokies anymore–do you? Getting kinda tired of riots, aren’t we?

There is a golden opportunity for someone to shape that anger into a battering ram and bring down the whole woke enterprise.


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  1. I hear many people saying what you just said. People, for the most part, are really getting fed up, and some to the point that they want to start an actual rebellion.

  2. That someone is Donald J. Trump, God’s appointed leader of America’s patriots. His rally in Ohio had a massive response. He is having a rally on July 3rd and it will have a massive response. Trump is calling out the enemies of America like no one else. Pray for this man and his family!

  3. My true education was obtained through life experience. One thing I observed, was simply that the horse’s butts of this world have one remarkably consistent trait; they always go too far.

    I saw this fifty years ago, when one of the bullies in my high school took an electrical apprenticeship and decided that he could bully electricity. He ended up in a pine box. There was a VP at the airline I used to work at that was patronizing and phony. He moved on to another job and his company’s incompetence in management took nearly 100 lives in a totally preventable crash. I wonder what his employment prospects are, these days.

    Jerks (I actually use a less polite word in most situations) ALWAYS go too far. Count on it, bank on it, and make sure to have some popcorn handy when it happens. 🙂

    1. Yeah, they can never resist the temptation to stage a Wellstone funeral (if you remember that travesty). I pray Critical Race Theory does them in, puts them out of business, makes them extinct, etc.

  4. I would be far more encouraged if I saw people turning against the entire LGBTQILMNXYZ agenda, starting with the first two letters. Even conservatives are much too tolerant and live-and-let-live about gay ‘marriage’ and homosexual activity. I’ll be encouraged if I see people realizing that the acceptance of homosexuals as completely normal people is what led to drag queens on Nickelodeon; right now everyone seems to think those two things are utterly separate and homosexuals should never be called out.

    1. I’ve seen a few polls that have shocked leftids, suggesting “gays” et al are by now means as popular as they tell themselves. Yes, this stable needs to be cleaned out.

  5. Seems there’s a lot of grass root opposition from parents of nonsense being taught in schools; now if we can start doing that with the universities too!

    1. Universities are in the business of selling work permits, these days. At some point, employers will realize that degrees have lost much of their meaning and the universities will have to make some changes, or starve financially.

    2. Yep; I also expect there is more opposition from brain washed half-adult, half-adolescent soy boys leftists students that are the left’s useful idiots

    3. I would imagine so. If you look at what some elements of society seem to fawn over, we are in trouble, but just because the entertainment and news businesses (and news has become entertainment in the television era) have control of the media doesn’t mean that the majority of society agrees with them.

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