Coming Up… Hymn Contest

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Lee says if we get ten more yes votes, we’ll hold the hymn contest. There are quokkas standing by to help!

It’ll be along the same lines as our annual Christmas carol contest. Whoever requests the hymn that gets the most views on the day it was requested will win the contest.

I am trying to arrange for the prize to be a bicycle. Maybe we can sneak it past him this time.

Let us hear from you! Vote for the hymn contest. Even better–participate in it. Can’t possibly go wrong by posting hymns!

11 comments on “Coming Up… Hymn Contest

  1. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the hymns, so the more the merrier! — which means I’m voting for the contest. But I may not be able to participate much other than dropping by occasionally to listen, because I’ve been out of the house so much lately on various errands. Not that I’m complaining! It’s good to have things to do again and people to see again after nearly a year of shutdowns and forced isolation.

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