Kittens Launch Unprovoked Attacks on Socks

Here’s a video by someone who has a lot of kittens and fewer socks than she thought she had. Well, we used to put catnip in old socks for our kittens. Now I know we didn’t need the catnip.

Astounding False Fact: Genghis Khan had a bed exactly like the one on this video.

7 comments on “Kittens Launch Unprovoked Attacks on Socks

  1. Kittens are just always cute no matter what they are doing. Although, they can be destructive sometimes, but… that’s just about the same as with all animals.

  2. Cats, of all ages, vs socks has been an ongoing battle for some time now. When I sort freshly laundered socks on my bed, my cat stalks and captures them, one by one. Apparently, cats know something about socks that we don’t. 🙂

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