‘The Oldest Bird?’ (2018)

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A scientist can get his colleagues pretty mad if he discovers something that’s not supposed to be there.

Sankar Chatterjee accomplished this by digging up a fossil bird that he says lived alongside the first dinosaurs. Uh-oh.

The Oldest Bird?

So much in “science” is said with such authority! As if they really, truly knew. Maybe Protoavis was a bird, and maybe it wasn’t. But “maybe” doesn’t pull in many grants, and certainly won’t land you any PBS specials.

What if there wasn’t really any Triassic Period, after all?

I’d better watch out, saying things like that…

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  1. Next thing you know, the W.H.O. will be screaming that the protoavis has released a deadly variant of the bird flu and everyone has to go into quarantine lockdown and wear three masks and a set of goggles. And ear muffs.

  2. The dating system of paleontology is somewhat circular. Layers are dated by what is found within that layer, and found objects are dated according to the layer in which they were found. We know that this layer is 65,000,000 years old because the fossils within are dinosaurs from that era and we know that these dinos are 65,000,000 years old because of the layer they were found in. Really?!?!

    The fact that numerous dinosaur fossils have been found with soft tissues pretty much invalidates the 65,000,000 year timeline, as these tissues would simply never be able to survive that long. Mainstream science has answered that apparently there is a process they don’t understand which allows this, which is basically a way of saying, we don’t know, but our belief in evolution requires vast time periods, so we are not going to let a little detail like evidence stand in the way of our narrative. Or … God could have created all life on His timetable and it’s possible that dinosaurs are far more recent than mainstream science is willing to acknowledge.

    It would be presumptuous, on my part, to claim that I have all the answers, but I know that the Bible’s account has proven accurate over the years, such as with regard to recording the history of such persons as David, long before archaeology discovered physical evidence of his existence.

    Perhaps the one thing which convinces me of the correctness of the Bible, which is visible in our everyday lives, is Zechariah 12:3, where it predicts that God will make Jerusalem a burden to all the nations. That’s visible, real, and happening in our lifetime. At a point where my faith was not doing so well, this one scripture helped me immensely, because I had noted in my own lifetime how many tenacious problems were centered on Jerusalem, and how surprising the outcome, such as the 6 Day War of 1967, when Israel soundly and decidedly defeated several nations with such swiftness as to amaze onlookers.

    Does this bird fossil break the rules of paleontology? You bet! Does that strengthen or weaken the Bible’s position on matters? I’d say that is argues strongly for deliberate creation of definable “kinds”, which persist to this day.

    1. And I wonder if anybody ever said, or thought, “Gee–today’s the last day of the Triassic Period! Tomorrow the Jurassic Period starts. Should I still be here?”

    2. I’ve thought that a couple of times. Believe me, when I see some of the attitudes prevalent in our day, I feel like a dinosaur at times. 🙂

    3. I think that they are right here on earth. At the very least, I the form of smaller creatures of the same family, or possibly creatures living undiscovered in remote and mostly unexplored places on earth.

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