Harry and Meghan Hailed for Having Only Two Kids!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's picture removed by the Queen | HELLO!

Is this really the best the UK can do?

Cato the Elder once said he’d rather people asked why he didn’t have a statue in the forum, than why he did. He’d have gotten a kick out of this nooze.

Goofy Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, will receive an award from “Population Matters” for their plans to have only two children (https://pagesix.com/2021/07/10/prince-harry-and-meghan-markle-get-award-for-having-only-two-kids/). The Ol’ Planet just can’t support more, we’re told. They made their announcement two years ago, and now have a two-year-old son and a baby daughter. So that’s the end of the line.

What with abortion, transgender, and “gay rights,” it’s kind of surprising any babies get born at all.

Gee whiz, I had zero children. Where’s my reward? I want a statue! I know lots of married couples who had only one child, or none at all. Where’s their ticker-tape parade?

I don’t know… Honoring people for not having children? Where does that get us?

But like I always say, there’s no one as anti-human as a humanist.

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  1. To me, they are the face of this ridiculous, self righteous thinking which has permeated society.

    While I was married for years, neither I, nor my wife, desired children. Speaking only for myself, I felt that the world was heading in a bad direction and didn’t think that I wanted to bring children into the situation. Being married was always held out to me as what was expected, but I now see the Apostle Paul’s words about singleness as being quite aligned with my own thoughts on the matter. Speaking only for myself, I feel that I’m better off single and definitely better off childless. But, holding back from having children because of overpopulation concerns goes directly against scripture.

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