Thinking About the Nooze

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I scan the nooze every day and practically wind up pounding my head against the wall, asking myself, again and again, “Why are they doing all this crazy schiff? What good does any of this do anybody? Are they all insane?”

What crazy stupid stuff? Oh, let’s just name a few… Critical Race Theory. Open borders. Vaccine goon squads going door to door. Transgender. Defund the police. Let all the armed robbers out of jail and put people in for using the wrong pronouns.

Stuff that leftids dance around the Maypole for–but which, in reality, have to the potential to kill any country that puts these follies into practice. Kill it dead.

It only makes sense if you grant that leftids purposely want and intend to wreck the country: to kill America. Then it makes sense. They’re doing it on purpose. This is war, and they do not intend for their opponents to survive it.

That would be us, boys and girls.

I don’t think we need to posit a Vast Conspiracy involving millions of individuals, not one of whom has ever spilled the beans. In a fallen world subject to Original Sin, there is not much that ordinary human evil, stupidity, delusion, and fecklessness can fail to achieve.

I’m starting not to care why they’re doing it.

I only want them stopped. Forever.

12 comments on “Thinking About the Nooze

  1. At the root of it is spiritual. It’s the only way to explain the mass hysteria and irrational self-destructive behavior. That means the solution also has to be spiritual.

    1. I like how you think, Watchman. Fifty years ago, it was about competing political views, but that has morphed into believers in a Creator and unbelievers. All the Republicans in the world can’t fix a spiritual problem. I prefer conservative politicians, because most of them favor greater liberty, but the solution ultimately lies in the Kingdom of God.

    1. I pray for heroes every day — physical, spiritual, intellectual, and political.

  2. Fraudulent president Biden’s reign of terror ends after the 2022 mid-term elections when the House is totally in control of the House then shuts the Left’s agenda down. The same exact thing happened when Obama was elected – that first mid-term the GOP gained 63 seats!! Have patience and wait upon the Lord Who renews our strength. The battle is the Lord’s and He is the King of Hosts.

    1. I came across this, just yesterday.

      Proverbs 8:35 “For one who finds me finds life,
      And obtains favor from the LORD.
      36 But one who sins against me injures himself;
      All those who hate me love death.”

      I think this speaks volumes. Our God is the source of life. Fearing Him is the beginning of wisdom. People came to the shores of America seeking liberty; in many freedom to worship as they saw fit, and not as others saw fit. For many years, this nation was mostly Christian and verse 35 of Proverbs 8 was part of our way of life. I’ve had the privilege of seeing much of the American heartland in my travels and the prosperity that happened because of the goodness of American life. Sadly, starting about the time I came of age, the actions described in verse 36 of Proverbs 8 began to become more common and moving forward to the present, we can see the results all around us.

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