‘Robots Get Married; Gay Robots Protest’ (2015)

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Honk if you see any point to this charade.

Does anybody else here think Japan is getting a bit too deeply involved with robots? Or never mind Japan–what about the whole world?

Robots Get Married; Gay Robots Protest

It’s just further evidence that suggests the whole world is going barking mad crazy, largely thanks to humanist experts, sages, counselors, prognosticators, “scientists,” “educators”–fercryinoutloud, why do they call them “educators” when all they do is make people stupid?

I don’t think God will let us go extinct–but He sure doesn’t have to keep this particular civilization around a minute longer than He pleases.

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  1. You won’t hear any honking from me, for sure. It grows nuttier by the moment. Shows how hard people are trying to “do it ourselves” without God. He laughs at their extreme foolishness, and there is a scheduled
    end to all this.

  2. What I find most troubling about these sort of shenanigans is the degree to which people have blurred the lines between fiction and reality. Science Fiction used to be a small niche market, much of it being low quality with suggestive artwork on their paper covers. It wasn’t taken much more seriously than a Godzilla movie.

    When Star Wars came out, people were quite taken with the movie, and for good reason. It was a great story, with great characters and amazing production values, but some people became so emotionally involved with the story and the characters that they began to act as if these were real, live characters with free will.

    I’ve seen the original three Star Wars movies, and perhaps seen the first one three or four times. As movies go, it was pretty good, but it was hardly life changing. The characters don’t miss me when I’m not watching and in fact, the characters are nonexistent. They are in illusion, because everything in a movie is an illusion. It’s what the camera was pointed at and what was edited into the final cut. The story is not what happened, it is what was written into the screenplay.

    So my point, is simply that none of this is real. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying good fiction, there’s nothing wrong with becoming involved with a fictional story or fictional characters, but there is a very real problem when someone comes to believe that these things are real and that these characters have lives of their own.

    There was a television show that was very creative and very quirky. I loved the satire and found it refreshing. However, about halfway through the show’s run, the producers and writers chose to take the low road and the character of the show changed. Viewing it on DVD, there came a point where I concluded that it was no longer entertaining, and I turned it off. I didn’t miss the show in any way, because it wasn’t real. It only exists as data on a DVD. It doesn’t matter in the slightest whether I watch it or not.

    So, if someone imagines that robots get married, it’s just an imagined thing. The robots are imaginary and can do whatever someone imagines them to do. But what people imagine in their fiction reflects strongly upon what people are thinking about. These days, there are “sex robots”; machines which are created to simulate a sexual experience with another human. While the robot is just a machine, the fact that such machines were produced speaks volumes about the people that created them. It’s truly tragic.

    1. There are many people who can no longer tell the difference between science and science fiction–and I’m not so sure there’s still a difference anymore. “Climate Change” taught scientists to value power and money over truth; and they have taken the lesson to heart.

  3. Why not couple with inanimate objects when one has become an inanimate object oneself? When God is removed and the human is left alone in the universe, at first a person gravitates toward other humans like himself. Then that becomes boring, and he seeks out the outlandish in humans, both in others and in him/her/xirself. Then, having become more bestial than human, he seeks out animals (hence a period when we read about people “marrying” their pets or livestock). But that, too, eventually becomes commonplace, even mechanistic, and so … machines are the next logical step. Then even that is too much trouble, so the machines do all the work and relationships become only a spectator sport. What the next step will be, Heaven only knows, although Hell probably has some ideas about it.

    1. Hard to keep the faith, these days. But keep it we must.
      Will shall be sterner, heart the bolder, spirit the keener as our strength lessens…

  4. Robots are like all other technological breakthroughs, it is how it is used – for God’s kingdom or man’s. In a fallen world, perversion will always have a market, but the trouble with perversion is it does not satisfy so greater perversion is sought. Oswald Chambers taught man was made to be thrilled, thrilled by God or thrilled by sin.

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