Is This a … President?


Gee! Look at all those invisible Biden voters disguised as empty seats!

You’d think a nation would be mortally ashamed even to suggest that such a wreck as Joe Biden could be president.

So the other night Biden had a “town hall”–a euphemism for a totally contrived event choreographed by biased nooze media–with CNN. They had to jam everybody into the first couple rows to hide fact that the auditorium was 90% empty.

And then the man who calls himself our president got down to some serious babbling and fumfering. He is not the man he was: and the man he was was nothing to write home about. (

His rambling, disconnected takeoff on an audience member’s question featured cameo appearances by “a man on the moon” and “aliens.” It is hard to see how they fit in.

It is unfair to say Biden was flirting with the man’s wife. We know that when he flirts, he gropes. No–this was just some ham-handed pleasantry put forth as wit.

The real stuff here is the incoherent babbling.

Once upon a time long ago–I will not say “in a galaxy far, far away”–Biden was a practiced, professional politician who knew how to talk to people, knew how to warm them up, knew how to pass himself off as one of them. He has lost those gifts. His public appearances are pitiable.

And this represents our country to the world.

But then the other national leaders, with just a few notable exceptions, aren’t so hot, either.

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  1. I saw an interview with Biden from, a number of years ago. He seemed coherent and wasn’t rambling off on tangents or indulging his tough talk.

    The change reminds me of an uncle, an august old man that was the eldest in the family. He was the voice of reason and calmness that many in the family looked to for advice. During a visit, I noticed that something had changed. His driving was erratic and aggressive, which was entirely out of character. Within a year or so, he became withdrawn and was obviously no longer capable of even communicating. The last time I remember seeing him, he came into the room and sat down on the far end of the couch, but I was obviously still alone. It was tragic.

    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see Biden follow the same progression.

    1. My brother-in-law had lunch with Joe Biden once, and liked him (although he wasn’t about to vote for him). But now Biden would probably just sniff his hair.

  2. I have seen this kind of decline in various people through the years. It is sad, as is any sickness that afflicts the elderly, for the most part, but to place such a one in a position of high responsibility is really madness. Even with handy handlers, this obviously does not work. It is not time for games at this stage in history. As we read the books of I and 2 Kings and 1 and 2 Chronicles, we can see all the examples of how not to lead a nation. Unfortunately, our politicians are not interested in learning from those examples and using wisdom in such important decisions.

  3. Fraudulent president Biden kept using the phrase “it’s not a joke” – but it is a joke to have someone like him in the White House who didn’t even campaign but supposedly received 80 million votes, and the joke is on patriotic Americans.

    1. Tiberius, to Caligular: I shall name you my successor!
      Caligula: Is that a joke, Uncle?
      Tiberius: Not yet–but it will be.

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