My Newswithviews Column, July 22 (‘Have We Gone Off the Deep End?’)

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How do you discuss anything with someone who insists that 2 and 2 make 5? How do you maneuver in a political worldview that states that all white persons are born evil?

You don’t. Forget striving for a meetings of the minds. Far Left Crazy must be defeated.

Have We Gone Off the Deep End?

It’s getting crazier and crazier out there, and at some point it’s going to bring our whole civilization crashing down. You can only go so far, insisting that some fat guy in a wig and wearing a dress is a woman, before you’re no longer spouting poppycock on purpose but spouting it because you don’t know the difference between horse-schiff and reality anymore.

We have to win this war.


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  1. I have some suggestion if not how to WIN the war, then how to FIGHT it:

    1. Stop trying to “discuss,” “debate,” “argue,” etc. ANYTHING with these people. They have an agenda. NOTHING THAT YOU SAY OR DO MEANS SQUAT TO THEM; don’t waste your time.

    2. Stop finding fault with folks on OUR side for things that they believe that you don’t, most of which are irrelevant at best and nonsense at worst. Example: the moon landing was a fake. Who the hell cares when we’re being set up for extermination by our own government???

    3. Stop pretending it will all go away. We are far more likely to “go away” before what is presently happening does.

    4. Be prepared for martyrdom because that is where this is probably going. The powers of this world are stronger than OUR worldly power. We can only pray that God intervenes before even the elect are no more.

    5. Stop playing by the rules. They MAKE the rules and feel free to break them while we ACCEPT their rules and abide by them to our destruction. That doesn’t mean that we do anything against GOD’s rules, but read your Bible and see that God isn’t stupid or powerless. He will not allow us to be evil, but He has also told us to “be as wise as serpents!” BELIEVE HIM.

    6. FOR GOD’S SAKE, stop taking comfort in the claim that his or that criminal enterprise is being brought before some judge in some court. Our courts are as crooked as our legislatures! Evil isn’t stopped there, it is amplified.

    If we try at least some of the above we just MIGHT stop losing every time we engage.

  2. You are right, Lee, it is a spiritual warfare. The Bible says we are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ, the Creator of math. Thanks for your efforts in this fight and your great blog posts!

  3. Use faulty logic, and you get faulty results. Everywhere we are seeing instability and problems that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

    What comes to my mind is Babel, when mankind rebelled against God and were punished by a confusion of language. In recent times, we have developed the ability to translate by computer, but we still have massive communication problems. The efforts to build a global system has led to all sorts of confusion and all of the machine-translation on earth cannot overcome this confusion. There’s a reason for this; God imposed the confusion and humans cannot undo God’s works.

    My life is one of battling confusion. I regularly communicate with people all around the world, and even when communicating with persons in other countries where English is the dominant language, there are a difficulties. A person that speaks US English can find that speaking to someone from South Africa, Great Britain can be tricky. When speaking on technical matters, it can be even more tricky.

    But this is our foundation. We rely upon communications which are very high tech and don’t always work as expected. Our transportation, banking and many other systems are ever more dependent upon communications using the Internet. One general failure of how the Internet operates, could have massive repercussions that would be immediate, and not all that easy to repair, because repairing it would rely upon the Internet to distribute the fix. We have immense power, but incredible vulnerability.

    1. Isn’t that interesting? Patty said exactly the same thing, when I read this post to her–Babel revisited, this time by our own doing.

    2. Our God is much more clever than any of us could ever imagine. One of His favorite tactics is to use the wicked against one another. He has allowed His opponents to farm their own doom. Look at Pharaoh, who rushed to trap the Israelites, but ended up falling into a much bigger trap, set by the Almighty God, Himself. Pharaoh did not have to die. He could have admitted defeat, turned his armies back, and returned to Egypt. Pharaoh died because of his own actions. Personally, if I saw the oceans part and was kept back from entering in pursuit by an impenetrable cloud, I would have thought twice about rushing in once the cloud lifted. 🙂

      Of late, I have found that three accounts come to mind, repeatedly. The Flood, Babel and the escape of the Israelites from Egypt. All three of these events were obviously supernatural in origin. All three accomplished their purpose in a manner that was comprehensive.

      The Flood destroyed everything mankind had made up to that point, except the Ark itself. Having water over the entire surface of the earth meant that tidal forces from the moon’s gravity would have set that water into motion, and without any shores, the movement would have been swift. Meanwhile, the Ark would have had a relatively calm surface on which to ride. While it is merely an opinion, I do not believe that even one manmade object from before the Flood survived, unless it was on the Ark. God destroyed wicked humanity and the civilization they had built. He destroyed many animals, but preserved every living “kind” on the Ark.

      Some believe that the Flood was a time, not just of rain, but also of seismic and tectonic activity of such magnitude that it would have been unsurvivable by any living thing on the ground. There is evidence of this in layers of soil and rock, which show displacements many orders of magnitude beyond any known earthquake in post-Flood, recorded history. Being in a vessel on waters that had no shore line would have been the best place imaginable to ride out such events. It’s quite possible that the occupants of the Ark never felt these events.

      Babel may be the most intriguing of them all, because one simple change absolutely confounded everything happening in Babel, which many believe to be a site known today as Eridu. These were not stupid people, by any means. They were skilled and intelligent. Building a tall structure was no easier then than it is now. There were engineers and they had to have planned extensively for such a project. But God was a lot smarter, and He knew that if they couldn’t communicate, they couldn’t proceed.

      He had commanded mankind to fill the earth and there may have been a reason He wanted that to happen soon. Babel wasn’t long after the Flood, and many Bible believing scientists believe that the Ice Age followed in the centuries after the Flood. If this is so, that would have meant a lower sea level and easier passage between continents than would have been possible after the ice caps began to slowly melt, as the earth’s climate began to slowly revert to it’s pre-Flood state. In any event, mankind did spread and various people groups developed, around the world.

      Only in our time have we had the power to bring most of the earth back into communication with one another, but as anyone that has ever struggled to understand someone from a different part of the world can attest, this is not proving to be as simple as it might appear on the surface. Even if you share an ability to speak the same language, that doesn’t account for differences in accents, or various verbal expressions that may be common in one area, but unknown in another. English has many dialects and an innocuous expression in American English might be highly offensive to an Australian. If someone learns English as a second language, this could be even more confusing.

      We will never undo the effects of Babel, but God could do so in an instant, at such time as He wishes.

    3. Trying to teach American English to a native Egyptian–well, we both had a lot of laughs over some of the problems that ensued. There are a lot of English words that an Arabic speaker can only with difficulty learn to pronounce.

      I see Babel, in addition to all of the above, as God nipping world government in the bud.

      He may have to do it again.

    4. There’s obviously much more to language than we can quantify. I recall recently hearing about a woman that suddenly started speaking her native English with an accent, as if she had learned English as a second language. So, it would seem that accents are deeply rooted.

      In my case, my earliest years were spent in a northern tier state and I had a pronounced Northern accent, which almost sounded Canadian. I was even known to use the occasional Canadian “eh?”, on occasion, eh? Then, my parents moved to the Rocky Mountain West and my speech changed to reflect that region. However, if I visit up north, or even talk to friends up there, I immediately fall back into my Northern accent, and it may persist for a week or two if I’ve been visiting up north and have been surrounded by those speech patterns.

      Ultimately, God will work out His will, and as always, it will be for our good. The Globalist ambitions of mankind may appear to be succeeding, but it will not be long standing.

    5. Actually (not kidding), there is a rare disease which causes sufferers to speak with a strongly foreign accent. It’s called Foreign Accent Syndrome. Weird!

    6. What I find interesting about languages is they have a way of evolving on their own. No one makes it happen, it just happens. Go back just a thousand years and English would be unrecognizable.

      When God confounded the languages at Babel and made people spread out, it made it much more difficult for corruption to spread. Modern technology has negated that to some degree, imperfect as it is. Think about the internet and social media has allowed things like CRT and the LGBT agenda to spread throughout the world. That is exactly why God what he did at Babel.

    7. Good points, all.

      I work with the Internet every day, on the technical side of things and Its a wonderful tool that allows me to perform work on several continents, in the span of one workday, without every leaving my home. However, a tool can be used for good, or for bad, and the Internet is also a very useful tool for those with bad intentions.

      Perhaps the most egregious use of it, is the promotion of satanic beliefs, via the Internet, and the influence this has had globally. It is certainly the conduit for many harmful things and Internet pornography has become a horrible problem, in part because even children can now have access to such material.

      As in all concerns, it leads us back to one thing, and one thing only, we need the Kingdom of God.

    8. I neglected to comment on your first paragraph, which is very interesting.

      Language changes, and I believe that it has deteriorated significantly in my lifetime. I have heard many uninformed use of words take hold and become mainstream. Frequently I hear “in lieu of” used where the proper wording is “in view of”. College educated people, some with advanced degrees, misusing a word that was taught in the third grade, when I went to school. Another one that gets me and using careered in place of careened. Ok, we have one that rhymes with the correct word, and another that looks similar in print.

      I recently heard that businesses now have to write manuals, etc. to the level of someone in third grade. I guess that I wasted all the years of education since third grade. Think of all the video game time I would have had, if I had not wasted my time learning. I should have gone straight for the only skill that matters; being awesome at video games. 🙂

      The English of 1,000 years ago was pretty much German. English has collected bits and pieces from other languages, over the years. We have some French, which the Normans were kind enough to share with us. There’s some Latin as well. The fact that English has roots in a number of other languages is a big part of why our spelling is so inconsistent. In some ways, English, even as it existed 60 years ago, is a bit messy, as languages go. The last few decades have added greatly to the disorder. Perhaps it’s always been this way.

    9. For all its faults, the education I got in high school in the 1960s was head and shoulders above what they have now. And our school had no computers at all.

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