Bunny Goes Bats for Lemon

I’m back! Meanwhile, I hope some of you will browse the archives and tell me some posts you really liked, from years ago. Maybe I can re-post them.

Down to business: I don’t think I’ve ever known an animal that would eat a lemon. A camel, maybe? The bunny in this video has never had a lemon, but that first taste is all he needs. Maybe he’s eccentric.

8 comments on “Bunny Goes Bats for Lemon

  1. Welcome back. I am just now back, too. I have not had access to computer for a long time, and there is a lot of catching up to do. Animals do some peculiar things at times. I have a dog here who loves hot mexican food. Explain that if you can.

    1. My red Persian, Pooh, two cats before Iggy, would eat anything that didn’t eat him first.
      My Himalayan, CoCo, the cat before Iggy, loved bread, rolls, cake … almost anything starchy.

  2. Wow, I am not familiar with iguanas at all, so I never thought about what they would like, but pretzels are not a bad choice.
    I thought of a song for tomorrow some time: Dallas Holm doing I Saw The Lord.

  3. We had a bunny that looked like this. We named him BunBun – he was a real climber (unusual for bunnies because they like to be close to the ground). I never offered lemons to my rabbits because they are pretty fussy eaters.

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