‘Beware! Excessive Patriotism’ (2017)

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Here he is trying to look serious. Makes you want to weep…

I meant to post this on July 4, but somehow got carried away by excessive patriotism and forgot it.

Beware! Excessive Patriotism

What a clod. If there’s one thing that no Democrat anywhere has to worry about, it’s succumbing to excessive patriotism. All the patriotic Democrats are hanging out with centaurs and unipeds.

America will never be safe until there are no more Democrats in office, anywhere.l

5 comments on “‘Beware! Excessive Patriotism’ (2017)

  1. Someone might get the impression you don’t like Barak Obama 🙂 I try to only hate the devil, but the people he uses for his evil schemes and deceptions are hard to like. I pray for everyone to be saved, but some are so absorbed with the dark side I don’t have much hope for them.

  2. Yes, we know from Scripture that many, many will be lost. It is hard to think about, knowing what awaits them. But a people, a nation or an individual receives what they deserve.
    The election of Obama shows how far people will go to try to say they are not prejudiced- even to electing a non-citizen.

  3. Obama said he wanted to fundamentally change America and he wasn’t kidding. So many things we see today can be tracked back to the Obama admin. Electing him was the worst mistake this nation ever made.

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