Puppy Forgets to… Duck?

It took me ages to find a critter video this evening. With this one, we can do without the narration, really–but how often do you get to see a puppy pursued by a gang of cute little yellow ducklings?

Yes, I know the world’s a mess today. But it’ll still be in a helluva mess tomorrow. Let’s take pups and ducklings while we can get them.

3 comments on “Puppy Forgets to… Duck?

  1. The battling puppies and the exasperated mother (father?) are too cute for words. (Except that I just used some words to say so. Oh well.)

    Iggy is home from the vet. He’s had some shots and is still sluggish but not as bad as yesterday. We’re waiting for test results on his bloodwork before deciding on what further treatment he might (or might not) need. Thank you to everyone who prayed, and please keep praying.

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