Med Schools: Increasingly, a Truth-Free Zone

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It’s only funny in cartoons.

Why are we doing things like this?

Recently a professor at a University of California medical school groveled to his wokie students: “I said ‘when a woman is pregnant,’ which implies that only women can get pregnant, and I most sincerely apologize to all of you” (

And we’re seeing more and more of this, as “transgender” mania sweeps through our alleged education system.

Truth break: A “transgender man” is a woman. A “transgender woman” is a man. The terms are simply nonsense.

And medical patients are going to die because being Politically Correct is more important to doctors than being right.

This is stupid. More than stupid, it’s insane. A denial of reality. And now it’s seeped into our medical schools–places supposedly devoted to “science,” but increasingly hung up on “transgender” mumbo-jumbo.

Can we please stop doing this before we wreck our civilization? Do we really want doctors who can’t tell male from female?

‘Cause that’s what we’ll be getting.

8 comments on “Med Schools: Increasingly, a Truth-Free Zone

  1. These so-called doctors are lying in order to keep their jobs. Either that or they should have their licenses pulled for malpractice. They must know that men and women present differently for similar conditions and have different reactions to various medications. For example, women’s signs of incipient heart attacks tend to be different from men’s. So if some “trans man” (i.e., a woman) comes in complaining about, say, shoulder pains on the right side and a doctor teats her as he’d treat a man with similar symptoms, i.e., for a pulled muscle or nerualgia, instead of considering the possibility of a cardiovascular problem, the woman could very well die of a heart attack that could have been forestalled.

    1. New leftid promise to the rest of us: “You can go on living, as long as you do none of those things that constitute living.”

    2. I would love to inject them with a huuuuge belt of truth serum and ask them why they’re pushing this **** on us so hard.

  2. Minds given over to the dark side are not capable of rational/logical thought. President Trump on Saturday said those who give into Wokism lose their minds and become Marxist maniacs (at least one public figure is out there fighting for us).

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