‘Dwelling in Beulah Land’

No hymn requests received, no hymn contest entries–so I guess I’m on my own this morning.

How about this one? Dwelling in Beulah Land, sung by Nathan and Lyle with some family and friends… at home. Where better to sing hymns, than at home?

The hymn contest ends Aug. 8, so get those entries in now.

6 comments on “‘Dwelling in Beulah Land’

  1. I am still suffering from vertigo and weakness, and a friend in a nearby town is suffering the same, only more so. Another acquaintance is in hospital for same. The air is filled with smoke from all the forest fires around us. Makes it difficult to concentrate. I’ll look for a hymn soon.

  2. Here is a hymn suggestion, Don Moen doing Trust and Obey. Another old Sunday School song.

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