The Limp Olympics

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Are you watching the Tokyo Olympics?

If so, why?

Meanwhile, an awful lot of people aren’t ( In fact, these “woke Olympics” from Tokyo are down 56% from the viewership enjoyed by the last Olympics,. from Rio de Janeiro.

So far our Team USA athletes, who don’t seem to like our country very much and want to make sure everybody knows it, are getting walloped. Good. Serves ’em right. And the “trans woman”–that is to say, a mentally ill man who insists he is a woman–got clobbered in the weight-lifting competition. Real girls beat him.

I could’ve sworn I’ve heard years and years’ worth of Olympics bigwigs denouncing the use of performance-enhancing drugs–and yet they let this big fat man compete as a woman? They should make hypocrisy an Olympic event: they’d all get medals.

One thing recent years have taught me: It’s not so hard to do without professional sports. After a little time goes by, you’ll never miss them.

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  1. Their wokeness is the reason why America is doing so poorly at the Olympics. Equality underpins their whole ideology. There are no winners or losers if everyone is equal. It breeds mediocracy. Simone Biles is a perfect example of this. I don’t know her politics, but she is treated as a hero just for quitting. She considers winning a bronze her favorite medal and a source of “pride”. Winning is no longer important to them but just giving an “E” for effort.

  2. How pathetic. There is very little reason any more for pride in our country. It is going to the dogs. Wait, that is an insult to dogs.
    I never did spend much time watching sports, so I never miss them.

  3. Yes, it is amazing how much extra time one has for redeemable things when sports watching is eliminated. As far as the Olympics goes, I used to love them. I attended the one in Montreal and it was great. Now, I could care less about them because they have let the Left ruin them, just like they ruin everything they touch.

    1. I wouldn’t mind watching the Giants take on the Braves, Sam Jones vs. Warren Spahn. But I never watch today’s so-called baseball.

  4. One mistake the Left consistently makes is to assume that their opinions are universally supported. Gut the Olympics with a bunch of PC thinking, and people will look for other ways to use their time. When it comes to the sports-industrial complex, I say let them strangle themselves in PC nonsense. I’d rather watch a good high school game any day of the week.

    1. It’s very similar to cult thinking, where someone becomes so convinced that only their view is correct, they simply discount the opinions of others as being worthless. Wokeness is exactly that; a belief system, not unlike a mind-control cult.

  5. Lee,

    As with most of your posts, I agree wholeheartedly. I am so glad my Browns left for Baltimore and I don’t know what a “Cleveland Guardian” is. It made it so much easier to not care about pro sports. However, I must share one bright spot from the dark cesspool that is engulfing pro and amateur sports

    It is heartwarming to see a young woman who gives the Lord his due and openly shares her love for her country.

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