The Limp Olympics

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Are you watching the Tokyo Olympics?

If so, why?

Meanwhile, an awful lot of people aren’t ( In fact, these “woke Olympics” from Tokyo are down 56% from the viewership enjoyed by the last Olympics,. from Rio de Janeiro.

So far our Team USA athletes, who don’t seem to like our country very much and want to make sure everybody knows it, are getting walloped. Good. Serves ’em right. And the “trans woman”–that is to say, a mentally ill man who insists he is a woman–got clobbered in the weight-lifting competition. Real girls beat him.

I could’ve sworn I’ve heard years and years’ worth of Olympics bigwigs denouncing the use of performance-enhancing drugs–and yet they let this big fat man compete as a woman? They should make hypocrisy an Olympic event: they’d all get medals.

One thing recent years have taught me: It’s not so hard to do without professional sports. After a little time goes by, you’ll never miss them.

Why Do We Allow This Wickedness?

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I haven’t the heart to illustrate this post with any image related to its disgusting content. Here are a couple of nice salamanders instead.

Complete the sentence and win a tin-foil dunce cap! “I send my children to public school because __________.”

Frank Allis Elementary School, in Madison, Wisconsin–principal compels all the kids in the school to watch a video of their male science teaching “coming out” as a “trans woman” [translation: mentally ill man who says he is a woman], complete with newfangled trannie title–“Mx.” instead of “Ms.” or “Mr.”–and warning that not being on board this program means you’re guilty of “hate” and “fear” (

Parents were never notified that such a video would be shown, so they had no opportunity to keep their kids away from it. Some legal action has begun in response to that.

Question: Does this principal really, truly, honestly, sincerely believe that this guy, this wacko of a science teacher, is now “a woman”? If he does, then he’s as wacko as the other guy and shouldn’t a principal. But if he doesn’t so believe, what does that make him but the most depraved kind of liar?

Why are we letting this happen? What will we say when God asks us, “Why did you allow this to continue?”

It wouldn’t have happened when I was in grade school. The community would not have stood for it–not for a single day.

But now that we’re ruled by bureaucrats, judges, teachers’ unions, and Far Left politicians, the community doesn’t have much to say anymore about anything.