‘If You Don’t Like the Textbook…’ (2017)

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Only since the reign of King COVID has it become blatantly obvious to a lot of people that the teachers’ unions are not our friends. But then they never were, as this nooze clip from 2017 makes clear.

If You Don’t Like the Textbook…

Public school “teachers,” salaried and pensioned by the defenseless taxpayer, despise us, hate our country, and want to turn it into a hell-hole by indoctrinating our children into Hypocritical Race Theory, socialism, and the sublime wonderfulness of Transgender.

Now that parents have begun to question them, the “teachers” are doubling down on all the bad stuff. They’ll fight for it, and they mean to win–and that means we lose.

For America’s sake, keep your children out of public school.

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  1. It has been shown quite a lot lately, since the school closures, that children do a lot better having been home schooled. Maybe that will prompt more people to continue in that vein. The main problem is the two salaried parents, and that will probably become more necessary, so there we have two opposing forces.

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