A Glimpse of God’s Kingdom?

This is just astounding. Cat, kitten, deer–and even a dog, for a moment, who pays his respects  and then moves on. Who would ever expect to see a deer and a cat licking each other?

I think this is a sign of what God has in store for us. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all His holy mountain.

4 comments on “A Glimpse of God’s Kingdom?

  1. I agree. We get these encouraging glimpses from time to time, just showing a glimpse of the way it will be.

  2. The kitten seems to think the deer is its mother and keeps looking for the milk faucet! Such an idyllic little scene.

  3. That’s really a lovely sight. Animals amaze me, even in this fallen world, and when all is restored, then things like this will be so common as to not even be worthy of comment. Keep in mind that while the animals in this scene are interacting, there is a human present, capturing the video.

    I’ve seen some amazing things involving animals and music. I once was playing music outdoors when a duck decided to join us, and sat for 30 minutes or so, 10’ away from the band, obviously taking it all in.

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