By Request, ‘Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone’

We have a hymn request from Susan–I can handle that (I think!): Amazing Grace and My Chains Are Gone, sung together as companion pieces by Melisa Oretade.

Now I’ll try to report a nooze story. Bear in mind that I can’t see, just now. Seems appropriate somehow, don’t you think?

4 comments on “By Request, ‘Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone’

  1. Well, I can’t see very well, either. One eye is going out on me, and I just had an eye exam and new glasses. so much for that.

    1. My vision is just starting to clear, five hours later. I knew this doctor visit would cost me viewer numbers–nobody here today but our regulars. And of course I didn’t get to work on my book or write my Newswithviews piece today.

      Tomorrow’s gonna be hard labor.

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