‘What’s Wrong with Our Cops?'(2014)

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Back in those golden days when the Obama regime was destroying America, we had a rash of stories about public school teachers going hysterical over various non-incidents–like a little boy playing “hangman”–and the police actually came!

What’s Wrong With Our Cops?

No, they didn’t come to drag the teacher off to the booby hatch where she belonged. They came ot interrogate the child!

Police that carry out the wishes of these public “educators” deserve to be defunded. They out to be protecting us from those lunatics.

And what did it get them? The Democrats want to destroy them anyway. “I feel safe when there are no police around!”

There is a great need for American public schools in interstellar space. But not on earth.

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  1. They, like a lot of others, have decided it is better to go along to get along that to stand up for what is right.

    1. A Sunday school favorite–of course I’ll post it.
      The contest was just a mostly unsuccessful attempt to get readers more involved in the hymns.

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